how to bid large mobile home parks.

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by mad_wrestler, May 5, 2005.

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    I went to look at a property today. It is a mobile home park. It consists of 143 lots on a total of 37 acres. They have had two previous lawn maintainers. One charged $3000 a month and the other was at $1500. The $1500 guy is the one currently employed. However while taking a tour of the property that was just done on Sunday it is evident why they want to let him go. They were trying to save a buck, and it cost the park. They said that through that lesson that they are willing to pay for quality as long as quality is what they get. Here is what I will be responsible for.
    --This will happen twice a month
    --Mowing,trimming and blowing of walks and driveways.
    --They are going to spray round up around the skirts of the trailers because this last guy tore them up pretty good. So we won't be responsible for the weed eating around the trailers.
    --I won't be responsible for the weeds in the gutters along the road. They are going to spray round up there as well.
    --They want me to clean up the pine needles and stack it up around the existing trees. That would be a one time clean up fee and will not be included in my monthly charge. They understand that and agreed.
    --I can leave the pine cones. I will just run them over with my mower.

    So basically there are 137 lots with trailers on them that are .28 acres each. The remaining lots (6) are flat with nothing on them. They told me that the other guys were able to do the whole park in 1-2 days. I believe that is possible with three guys. I have two full timers other than myself and a slew of others willing to work at $10/hr.
    What would be a reasonable bid on this? I was figuring if three are on it, that it would take 8 - 10 hours. Does that seem right? They also stated that they have two other parks. One that is 10 minutes from this one. It is 80 acres and another about 10 minutes from my house that is about 15 acres. If I win the bid battle on the first one it is most likely that I will get the other two as stated by the owner of all three parks. So please help with any ideas on bidding on something of this magnitude. Thanks again.

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