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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by SEB, Apr 3, 2013.

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    Have a customer that has a leak in his sprinkler system & his yard is low towards the side walk. He wants to bring in soil & bring the grade of the yard even with the side walk & then put Sod over the new soil & the part that is being dug up to fix the sprinkler leak. I figure right at 3 yards of soil & 1 pallet of Sod + the cost of fixing the sprinkler leak

    Also how would you bid fixing sprinkler leaks. I fixed about 4 last year & charged him $60 per leak with materials. Is this standard?

    What is the standard cost to lay 1 pallet of sod? Say I have a customer who wants 4 pallets laid. How would you bid laying a pallet
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    For sod I charge 200-300 per pallet + whatever the sod cost. A pallet of sod should take one person roughly an hour to lay. Fixing leaks I would just charge by the hour+material. Although its good to have a minimum.
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    Hunting down and repairing a leak is something that could take 5 minutes, or 5 hours. I agree with hourly rate + materials and a $XX minimum charge
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    Quick question when you charge by the hour do you just say "I'm not sure how long this will take me I will have to do it by and hourly rate" or do you give them an approximate price thinking how long it will take to find the leak and such?
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    Always better to give a price for the job.

    If you charge $60 hr, job takes 8 hours, material $1,000 so you tell the customer $1,480. People will pay you.

    Now tell the customer that you are going to pick up and put down pieces of sod for $60 and hour they will say you are robbing them. Many people do not respect physical work.
  6. Green-Man

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    That's exactly what I was thinking. So you pretty much just give them a estimate of what you think it would take. No some don't respect hard labor, sometimes I just want to be like well why don't you do it yourself? Hahah
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    Dirt level with the sidewalk,,, THEN lay the sod on top of that???

    charge them for the heads-up of NOT violating the first principle of matching lawn to hardscapes... that is also save the $100 so charge them $100 for that bit of advice... :)

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