How to bid on property clean-ups and such?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by dcplace2004, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. dcplace2004

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    1st property:
    14, fifteen ft dead bushes that need yanked from earth; trash hauled like old couch, scraps of wood, and big dead pile of grass; overgrowth of lawn with weeds and such; bushes shaped, dead grass raked out...

    2nd property:
    3 live tall evergreen bushes pulled, yard overgrowth

    3rd property:
    Shrubs pulled, much overgrowth

    How do you all bid on would I submit it to the client?
    Do I estimate how long it will take and think about what I work per hour?
    How do I submit it to the customer?

    Also, what are you all charging for first time cuts with massive overgrowth--double cutting, massive weeds, edging overgrowth onto concrete?....I need help on this please, as I am knew...I am on my own on this also...Thank you...
  2. freddyc

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    need more many sq ft to cover??

    What type of bushes to pull?

    are you disposing from property or leaving some there??

    Small shrub pull -- $75-100, sofa /trash removal= dumpster fee + $$$$$$$

    Overgrowth--do you have a brushcutter or rent?????

    Shrub trimming--- $25-$50 each depending on height.
  3. dcplace2004

    dcplace2004 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I am not sure on the sq sq footage that important, cause I have a 300 ft measuring tape from lowes I can use...yes, I will probably have to dispose of the trash...the go 35 dollars per ton at the dump...I do have a brush cutter and a chain saw and can yank the bushes out with my truck as they are in an you estimate a lawn work, including, by sq ft?...I know some in town do...I want to get this stuff down, as I don't like the scrubs in town, as they hurt everyone by resetting the current market values...
  4. sheshovel

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    1st job $750.00
  5. sheshovel

    sheshovel LawnSite Fanatic
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    1st job $1500.00
    2nd job $350.00
    3rd job $850.00
    without pics or practicly any info from you,this is how I would bid it
    To submit it to the customer,write it down and put an estimated price and and write in that it may go more depending on what you might run into while doing the work and then you hand it e-mail it or just give it to the customer.
  6. Precision

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    here is what you do to get valid help here on Lawnsite.

    Buy/borrow a digital camera and take some pictures. Post pictures so we can get an idea of what you are really talking about.

    As far as property size, check and see if your county property appraiser has a web site. All lot size and building size information is public domain so you can get that and at least closely estimate sq ft or acreage.

    Unfortunately, the only real answer is to take your best stab and learn from your mistakes.

    I use a sliding hourly scale x # of hours I think it will take. Then I add fudge factor for how annoying the work will be and what I think the client will pay.

    If they seem like cheap people trying to get over, I take 5 minutes (only because I am already there) and bid HIGH. As in if I eyeball it at around $1000 then I bid $2000. If they bite great. 40% down with contract signing. Closing rate on this type < 5% but I got PAID on those few.

    If they seem like decent people and money is an object, I give my best guess plus a couple of bucks just to make sure. Closing rate on this type 35-40%, means I am high but not too high. Just where I need to be. 40% down with contract signing.

    If they seem like they are so tired of the mess and just want it done. I give my best guess plus a convience fee because I know they will pay it. Closing rate on this type 75-80%. My favorite clean up clients. 40% down with contract signing.

    With all the balance due upon completion or BEFORE. 5% fee added if I drive away without the balance paid. 10% additional if it goes to 30 days. And a lein warning letter issued with the 30 day past due invoice. Lein to be filed if balance not PAID IN FULL within 7 days.

    No clean ups done for renters or Real Estate agents who do not have a prior spotless history with me unless paid in full in advance.

    Lastly your truck may not pull those plants out without a lot of loosening and root pruning. Good luck with that.
  7. dcplace2004

    dcplace2004 LawnSite Senior Member
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    thanks for the advice...I will have to cut away at these roots, before I think of ever pulling them out...thanks...
  8. drmiller100

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    time and materials.
    25 an hour.
  9. topsites

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    Yeah I don't know where you live but around here you can NOT take that stuff to the County dump but you have to take it to the Commercial dump and their fee starts at 40 dollars. Things may be different where you are, but here the County dump is for Residential use ONLY.

    If you take a chance and take it to the County dump, make sure you pay close attention to what you say and how you answer questions. Specifically, if they ASK if you are Commercial then you MUST say YES!
    See if they catch you, it's like a 1000-dollar fine but that's not what ticks them off so long you answer their questions truthfully and do not lie when you tell them something. You are under no obligation to volunteer that you are commercial, just don't lie and say you're not (or some story about this is your own stuff your dumping). Because if you lie and they catch you, that's when the crapola hits the fan because that really does it: False information to a County Official.
    Seriously, it's not that you're using their dump commercially when you shouldn't - that they can deal with and if they catch you thusly, you will be *informed* that you are never to do this again and whatever but you'll basically get away with a chewing ... Lie to them and you face some music.

    Now if you do not lie and they do not ask you if you're commercial and you just play it cool and they let you through the gate, well then no problem.

    Just my .00002
  10. Precision

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    Why not just do it right from the start.

    Don't you think they will catch on after the first 20 or 30 times you come in.

    If it costs $40 or $100 to dump, it is a cost of doing business and the client must pay for it. PERIOD.

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