how to Build a Spray Rig help

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by jose85, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. jose85

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    just wondering its hard, i seen a few fiber glass tanks for only 100 bucks on craiglist , so just wondering if cheaper to buy a used mower engine , and i seen a few on roller pumps on ebay for 175 is that all i need , it sounds to easy,
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  2. RigglePLC

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    Sure its easy. Plastic tanks are cheaper--like a 275 gallon pallet tank for instance. I don't think a vertical shaft lawn mower engine suits. Look for a horizontal shaft--make sure it has a 6 to one gear reduction. Ditch the roller pump and go with a real pump--say a Hypro D19. Naturally you need a filter, pressure regulator valve and the associated through tank fittings and plumbing. Add an electric reel and 300 feet of hose, plus CL spray gun. Mount it all on a sturdy steel frame that slides onto your truck.
  3. Ric

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    Fact is the tank can be the most expensive part to a cheap Skid Sprayer set up. Horizal Shaft Engines in the 6 hp range are just under $ 200 before tax. Hypro Roller cast Iron pumps with 7 gallon per minute out put can be bought for under $ 100. But you really need a Nickle plated pump to hold up to the Fertilizer.

    Like everything you generally get what you pay for. Therefore the draw backs of a cheap pump are several starting with no lasting or rusting away. Some chemicals don't spray wel in a Roller bearding pump.
  4. Snapper12

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    Ric... Will you tell me where you can those pumps for that cheap?
  5. R&S Lawn Care

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    Hypro roller cast iron. Hydro silver cast is what u will need. They will last much longer though
    I prefer a centrifugal pump. Ace is the brand I use. Will pump up to 110psi. More than enough for me and around 100 gpm for good recirculation/agitation. And very durable. No need for a pressure regulator, just a throttling vavle.
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  6. Ric

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    Tractor Supply has them in my area, But they seem to only stock the cheaper Cast Iron. Nickle plate is the next one up and silver is the top of the line. There can be a Hundred dollar difference between models, but the only difference is the chemical Resistances of each up grade.

    My Boom Sprayer has a 7560 Cast Iron roller pump that puts out 22 GPM free flow. I paid $ 149.00 plus tax for the Cast Iron instead of $ 249.00 for Nickle or $ 349.00 For the silver, all are 7560 model with the same out put. But my reason for buying the Cast Iron was, I only spray Insecticide at 3 gallons a thousand. If I were going to spray fertilizer I would of bought the Silver 7560.

    I am not suggesting the 7560 model because it is more of a Boom Sprayer Model at 22 GPM. The 7 1/2 GPM for $ 99.00 is more than enough volume for hose spraying. That model also only needs a 3 horse power engine according to the Service Dept at Hypro. BTW it alo needs to be geared down to 540 RPM the same as a tractor PTO.

    Now Just remember equipment like this is THROW AWAY stuff and might be great for limited use or Beginner start up. Hopefully it can make you enough money to buy better pumps like the D 30 Hypro and Honda engine that has been the quality equipment for many many years. My D 30 is well over 10 years old and still working great.
  7. RAlmaroad

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    I still have a Hypro D-252 pump that is new in box with reduction gear and controller. Normally sells for 795. Sell for about half. Let me know

    Hypro Pump D-252.jpg
  8. jose85

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    can you post pictures of your rig the set trying to get ideal

  9. jose85

    jose85 LawnSite Member
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    im thinking about getting one of this tanks and making it my starting point, and mounting on a trailer, i can get a metal platform made since i work with welders at my work

    spray tank 1.jpg

    spray tank 2.jpg
  10. ted putnam

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    If I were you, I'd be all over one of those tanks, especially if you can pick it up for cheap. Hell, I might even drive to OKC myself if the price was right for whichever one you didn't get.

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