How to change drive belt on wb Honda

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by MB, Apr 23, 2001.

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    I have a four year old Honda HRM215 walk behind mower (Harmony with plastic deck). It is the blade-brake-clutch variety. It has been a great mower except for the self-propelled drivetrain. Last year the rear pulley stripped so I replaced that. Now I need to replace the drive belt (keeps popping off due to edge wear, I assume from last year's problem). So I've gotten the belt but can't figure out how to get the old one completely off and the new one on in it's place. The problem is the blade brake assembly at the engine shaft--there's not enough room between it and the deck assembly to fit the belt around. The other end is no problem.

    There's a large bolt in the middle of the brake assembly that obviously goes into the engine shaft as when I turn it it just turns the engine.
    Does anyone know the magic disassembly procedure to get to the belt on these mowers? Thanks in advance.
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    Read your manual.
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    Not much help...Have you ever looked at a Honda owner's manual? Anything beyond an oil change equates to a trip to the shop to them. Maybe that's what you're saying, but I'm not into paying $50+ to replace a $4.75 belt.
    And yes, I have called two places locally about a SERVICE manual but they apparently aren't stocked. The latter shop did say that I'd need to remove the blade brake assembly to replace the belt, so that's the new angle I'm taking.

    The brake mechanism is held by one nut going into the motor shaft. It turns the engine when I turn the I need to freeze the engine to remove it. The shop guy said an impact air wrench has enough torque to spin it off before the engine turns, and that's how he does it.

    Know where to get a service manual to avoid future questions?

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    Try contacting honda. They may be able to help.
  5. MB

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    I ended up doing this over the weekend. Took about an hour to figure out HOW to do it, then another 30 minutes to get it done.
    You have to remove the blade brake assembly (like the guy said), so I had to find a way to jam the engine while I turned the nut that holds it on the engine shaft. The tricky part in all this was the spring mechanism. Of course it's no problem undoing it, just getting it back in place (compressed) was tough. Leaning into it with my knee, while screwing the brake assembly back on, turned out to be the trick.

    Anyway, I'm happily mowing again. Hope this fix holds up.
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    I have the exact same mower that needs a drive belt replacement. Could I trouble you for a quick run down of the steps you took? I have the belt in hand and some time to waste...
    Thanks for your time.


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