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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by thomasp5540, Feb 19, 2007.

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    Ok Guys and Gals, I,m just starting this business after wanting to do so many years ago. With 25 years of my current job, i can say my time for retirement is on the horizon.I'm excited about starting my landscape business but have no idea what the current rates are for cutting/triming hedges/spring clean-ups/etc.... I would like some type of schedule of fees so i'm not low balling.I want to be competitive.I have my truck, and so far a used scag 36" w/b,I'm still looking for a trailer another mower plus line trimmers etc.. Ilive in Illinois.
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    I eyeball everything and the more work there is to do the more I charge. I figure it I want about 50-60 dollars profit per hour
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    thats a tough question. all depends on location competition and what people are willing to pay. it's better to charge to much and maybe not have anything to do one or two days a week (maintainance time!) than have more work than you can handle and be losing money. also learn to weed people out on the phone before you waste your time going to look at a job, don't scare them away just make it clear you don't work for free. you would be surprised at how clueless some people are.

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