How to Charge for 20 ft tall hedge

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by soundchoicelawn, Jul 7, 2014.

  1. soundchoicelawn

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    I have a customer wanting a hedge that is about 20 feet tall X 30 ft long X 10 ft wide trimmed two feet all the way around and on top. I've never bid on a hedge this massive. Any tips on how to bid this? Any wisdom is appreciated.
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  2. gottabsleeved

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  3. clydebusa

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    I have a lift so if I could get it to the location, I add 90% of the price of renting a lift and then the hours to do the job. If not I would run, 12' latter wont get there and it is a pain to set scaffolding up. So if I was really slow, would price the scaffolding and time spent. But it would be high!
  4. Altair

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    +1 on the use of a lift. You don't want to be falling off a ladder at that height. Plenty of places to rent one from, just a question of if there is room to use it.

    Add on you guesstimate of the number of hours X your hourly rate.

    This might be a job you are grateful that the customer turns you down for a quote that is too high.
  5. ztman

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    I just trimmed a 15' hedge over the weekend. Aside from the height, you mentioned something that could greatly effect the number of hours. Your potential client wants them cut two feet. Make sure you look at the branch size two feet down and on each side to make sure hedge trimmers can do the job. If not, and you have to hand prune, you will be there awhile. If you are cutting two feet off of each side, as opposed to one off of each, make sure you show the client how it will look, because I assume you will be able to see through the hedge if you cut that much off
  6. shane-pa

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    good point. I ended up using a chainsaw on hedges I did last year. they were only six feet tall. the middle branches were too much for the echo gas hedge trimmers.
  7. RussellB

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    I second running. I have one 12' highx10'x50' long that I maintain. Everytime I am asked to do it I ask him if he wants it taken out and put up a fence. His neighbor hates the hedge.
  8. gottabsleeved

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    I have been honest and told customers a poor lawn guy that cant afford health insurance.I Only clean single story gutters,dont mow steep grades and if 3/4 the way up a 8ft ladder don't reach then, I cant do it.Saves getting myself in to real dangerous jobs.:.....Shouldn't have let the hedges get so big to start with,so now its our problem to risk everything.Not me.:drinkup:
  9. TPendagast

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    Just figure on it taking the crew the whole day.

    3 guys
    8 hours
    60$ an hour

    buy an echo PAS power unit, extend section and a hedge pruner head.

    Probably run you $500 total? (just a guess)

    and if you don't have a 12' + A-Frame Ladder, buy one.

    Make the client buy your PAS for you.

    So I'd charge $2000 or a little less for the job.

    The PAS wil greatly decrease your time.. so $1600-1700 might be more reasonable.
  10. ztman

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    I don't understand why someone suggests the client should by the necessary equipment required to do the job. I assume people hire a "professional" because they have the skills and EQUIPMENT necessary to do the job. If a professional has the right equipment for the job, this is no more than a $5-600 job

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