How to Charge for 20 ft tall hedge

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by soundchoicelawn, Jul 7, 2014.

  1. I would be in this range as well. I'm sorry, but a 20 ft. hedge is a dangerous job. I would have no problem passing on this if the customer won't pay my price. Just not worth it to me.
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    Unless you own a bucket truck and can access the hedges with it, I second the "run" comment. I recently got myself into quite a predicament on 12' hedges. I thought my equipment (Stihl Kombi w/ hedgers) was up to the task, but AFTER getting the contract and showing up to do the work, I realized that 12" down from the tops, the main stems of the hedges were WAY too large for my equipment. Save yourself a big headache and possible injury, and recommend them a good tree service company.
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    See if customer is up to pay you to cut it at ground level and remove?In sections of course.LOL..Keeps your feet on the ground this away.
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    I ABSOLUTELY hate the thought of trimming shrubs in the middle of the hot Alabama summer!!

    Get the scene

    Its July!!

    Client says

    "Can you trim the shrubs next time you come?"

    Me says

    "Can't we put those off for some cooler weather?? Like saaaaaaaay---NOVEMBER sometime????!!!":waving::waving:
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    ^^^ I agree with that! ^^^^^^^^^

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