How to charge for annual flower service?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by toxic man, Feb 27, 2006.

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    Hey guys,,

    How do I work the billing and rotation of annual flowers into my maintenance program.

    I was thinking of twice a year and charging by the flat, by approximating the square footage. We would figure the square footage upon inital estimate then charge in the same month as the service is provided?

    Just working it out


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    Don't estimate the square footage....measure it., then figure out how many flowers you want to put in the bed. and at what spacing., and what size. 6" 4.5", ect. Charge by the pot, based on whatthe flowers cost you. Some varieties are more expensive than others. When i worked for TGLC we were charging around 6 bucks for one installed 6" annual. that included Bed prep and pine fines. and initial watering. and bed weeding and dead heading if needed was part of the regular contract maintenance

    but billing them in the month that they are isntalled works, or you can pro rate the cost of the annuals over the life of the contract...
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    I get an availability list from my grower, make up a small note listing my prices per flat installed. and mail it with the bill the month before time to install they fill it out and I put them in. I was trying to get my price sheet attached but it would'nt let me do it, but I was able to load an availability list. It may be of some use. I charge 40m per M/h + amendments to prep the beds then a unit price for the flowers. 35.00 for the 4" flats 40.00 for the 6-pac flats 14.00 for 1-gal geraniums 25.00 for 3-g geraniums then there are specialty flowers which are more like cyclamen are 96.00 per flat of 4" (16-plants) Just figure it like you do for any plant and apply a unit price. Costs will vary so I would set my own.

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