how to charge for hedging shrubs?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by superzkt, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. superzkt

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    :cool2: Ive been charging a couple of ways,by the hour fifty dollar or by the bush prices from $5 to $15 a bush .Just wondering how others bills.Thanks in advance for your tips and advice
  2. bigjeeping

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    I charge a flat rate of 15/bush. If the bush is excessively large I'll charge it for 2 or 4 bushes. Or small, vice versa. Last week I trimmed about 30 bushed on a property, took about 2 hours and charged $200 (some bushes were very small so I charged like 5 bushes as 1)
  3. superzkt

    superzkt LawnSite Member
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    hey thanks alot this is 2 and a half years for me but just started hedging though i dont want to under quote my first hedge was4 big pompass grass and 8 crape myrdles it was two s10 truck loads of junk to haul a lossed my tail i only charged 75 dollars
  4. ReMarkable Landscaper

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    This is my second yr in biz myself and i hadda clean up a commerical piece and prep it for grand opening and i had my s10 ZR2 pickup full of junipers... made 2 trips... unloading them things was brutal... it sucked... they were way overgrown.. i didn't kno what to charge fo rthem so i just included in the clean up.. it's tuff pricing.. i am learning myself...
  5. superzkt

    superzkt LawnSite Member
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    yeah i guess once you get burned a couple of times well start learning how to price!!!

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