how to charge for new bed space?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Green Elegance, Feb 22, 2006.

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    Hello and good evening everyone,
    Listen,.......I want to know how to charge a customer for creating new bedspace in their back yard. I have 3 different beds totalling 1100sq ft, which currently just have sod and of course sprinkers. I am subcontracting the work of removing the sod(maybe sod cutter and tilller work) and I am disposing of the removed contents. I know it is usually about $.50 per sq ft
    I calculated about 13cu yds of bedding soil/ landscape mix$30/yd) to ammend soil and 7 cu yds of hardwood mulch($30/yd) to ad after planting
    What I want know is how do i charge for the ammendments in addition to the per sq ft charge?

    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.......(Also, I did a search b4 posting, but not real luck)

    Thanks again
    Green Elegance
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    i wouldnt know what to charge ,because im not in your area but, i would like to point out that you may need more mulch, you said that the area is about 1100 sq ft. 1 yd of mulch at 3'' covers 108 sq ft. so you will most likely need
    10 yds. of course thats if your going to apply it at 3''
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    Why not do the sod removal yourself? :confused: IMO that's the easiest part of the entire job you listed (just rent a sod cutter). That and depending on who you hire they may not be as "careful" with the sprinkler system knowing that they won't have to do the repairs.

    Are you doing this work by hand? Or is the area accessible with power equipment? Thirteen yards of any soil will not fun to move by hand, especially if it's wet. Other than that I really can't help much with the estimate as I dread topsoil work normally refuse to do it anymore.:dizzy:

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