how to charge for seeding new yard

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Shane Nelson, May 14, 2001.

  1. Shane Nelson

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    I need help on how to charge for a yard that im replanting.
    i spread 10 ton of topsoil with skidster,raked it smooth,and spread seed,and put straw over it. yard is aprox 120ft by 40ft. thanks for replys.
  2. joshua

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    the going rate for seeding a new lawn in my area is .13-.16 cents a sq. foot. if the yard is for sure 120x40. i would charge $720 just to put down straw, seed and labor for seeding and strawing the dirt you put down. 10 tons of dirt is about 10 yards i think but not sure on it. i would charge about 50-70% of what you pay for the dirt to install it.

    are you sure your gunna have enough top soil to put down. i know 1 yard of top soil covers app. 160sq ft at 2.5 inches deep. if your just gunna give it a top dressing you should have enough.

    just a suggestion get a messuring wheel it will help you out alot. i know because i'm getting sick of have to take atape measure with me to alot of jobs like this. good luck to you i hope this helps you out
  3. Shane Nelson

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