How to Charge for Yard Waste? NEED HELP.


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Story City, Iowa
This year I won the bid for a retirement community (trailer park). The bid is only for the common areas and it is all pretty nice. Now after mowing twice so far the Owner asked me if I could also take care of yard waste. It seems pretty straightforward. The residents clean up their own yard and place clippings/leaves in a brown paper compost sack (the type Menards sells) and place it all in a designated area for pick up. I don't know how to charge for this. I was thinking around $3 per bag or something, I just need to load it and haul to the brush site and drop it off. It's not more than a few miles out of the way for me to stop by the brush site. How do you guys bill for this type of service?


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you should determin what it will directly cost you to perform this service. fuel labor travel time ect. Having a general idea of the maxium debri load you could possibly have is helpful. You simply charge what it costs you to perform this service plus your profit.

charging 3 dollars for stopping, then getting out of the truck and picking up just 1 bag and taking it a few miles to the dump, I doubt is covering your direct cost. I realize you think this is a insignificant task and will be done on the run, But this simple and insignificant task could take 20 minutes to sometimes a 1/2 hr is 3 dollars half your hourly labor rate plus disposal.