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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by turkp15, Nov 12, 2003.

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    I'm going to buy a measuring wheel tomorrow so I can measure out my current accounts. Then I thought do you guys charge by the sq. ft. or do you have a base price and how much could I charge per sq. ft of turf area? The reason I ask is because I want a more effective way to bid on accounts.
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    Using sq footage is not as accurate as it sounds. You can bid a 5000sq ft lawn and have several different cutting conditions. One is flat and no obstacles the other has a hundred trees and lots of edging. It could also be on the side of a hill. There are lots of variables on using just square footage. Good Luck.
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    Oh my garsh yes! This brings back memories of an account on the side of a hill, about a quarter mile at the end of a dead end with no place to turn the truck and trailer around. Had to lift the Honda up a three foot retaining wall - among others - to get to the almost vertical property... and I had to back the trailer all the way back to a side street to get turned around. Not that big of a place but a real pain. I've had others where big back lawns had to be mowed by the 21" Honda simply because there was no way to get a larger mower in back. Don't think that you should go simply by square footage.
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    Dont waiste your time with a measuring wheel unless for fertilizer applications or some landscape jobs. I can look at most any yard and figure about how long Ill' be there. just takes familiarity with your equipment and understanding difficulties the yards present. Trimming the edges can vary the time quite a bit as well. I can trim some of my yards in 5 min. and some others 20+ min (Same size yards). Especially when they have a strip of lawn between sidewalk and street:cry:

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