How to clean a Lazer Z HP

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by BrianK, May 16, 2002.

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    I did a search on the forum, but couldn't find what I was looking for.

    I was wondering what the preferred method of cleaning the mower was. I have a Lazer Z HP 48" deck with 21 HP Kawasaki engine. I have been using a leaf blower to blow the grass off of the machine when I get finished, but I was wondering if this was the best way, or if this was discouraged. Also, I have found that the wet grass sticks to it even if I try to blow it off.

    What should I be doing to it after I am finished to keep it in good working order. I am not a lawn professional. I just use it for mowing my 5 acres.

    Thanks for all advice.

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    Here's what we recommend. Blow the mower off with a debris blower or compressed air. Scrape the underside of the mower deck. Officially we do NOT recommend that you wash your Exmark mower. Washing, especially power washing can allow water to enter bearings, bushings, electrical connectors, switches, cooling fins etc.

    If you are going to wash your machine avoid console, electrical components, engine, bearings and bushings. When your done every bushing and pivot point should be lubricated, the mower should be ran for a few seconds with the blades engaged to spin as much moisture off the rotating assemblies as possible. Never wash the spindle bearings or the topside of the mower deck under the belt shields (idler pulleys). Nobody ever looks under there anyway and all you really want to do is keep the grass from building up. The black, brown, gray film that is under there won't hurt anything but the water will.

    In other words you’re doing just as you should be and if you should decide to wash your mower. Just make sure you know what you’re spraying.



    PS. No the rain isn't going to be too detrimental to your Exmark mower but it is a nice piece of equipment, store it inside whenever possible.

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