how to clean white vinyl fence job and how much??

Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by TurfWarrior, Jul 7, 2014.

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    I know theres a bunch of factors but I guess some guys might say this will only take me 2 hours so $200 or whatever they charge some do it but the sq ft. if I have 30 sections it comes out to about $10 a section if I charge $300
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    I look up the last one I did and it came out to 12.35 per section and there was 40 sections 1 double gate and 2 single gates
    This one had lattice on the top and takes little longer to clean and had 20 shrubs a long the fence That I had to bag them up

    Cleaning Fence isn't a big thing I do I'll do them time to time mostly for my customer
    Biggest thing I did was a 3/4 acre Parking lot was a Hardees that closed then about 7 years later they remodel it and I was ask to clean it , lot was black after I was done it look like new lot $1200 I don't know if I was to cheap But ran 2 washers took 9 hrs x 2 guys I was so glad get that day over with
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    Price it based on what the market will bear, unless you're hurting financially, then do what ever you have to win the bid. Top of the line, high volume equipment will make very short work of any vinyl cleaning - rinse it down with a mild solution, let it dwell for 5-15 minutes, then rinse with water. Collect the check and move on.

    Sell your service, not your time. Far too often I see folks from the landscaping business leaving money on the table in the pw/exterior cleaning arena. Our first job this morning netted a check for $685 in about an hour, and the client was thrilled with the results. Sell your service, do superb work, and you'll command the premium that you ask for.

    One more time, because it's very very important - price it based on what your market will bear.

    Let us know how you make out?
  4. TurfWarrior

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    ok so I did the job yesterday . what a pain i started in the front and worked my way to the back 10am-4pm I set up, did the front walk, side walk, brick landing , then a white vinyl gate solid 6' tall . then I had to take all the patio furniture off .. washed the down the wood steps, patio Rubbermaid storage , jaccuzi cover, central a/c tops, and little white fence around them.
    I then started on the solid part of the fence . I ran out for more gas and went to the bathroom got lunch came back and started on the fence . the 6' solid is much easier to do instead of all those open styles IMO.. I could hop over the fence so I was doing a couple sections at a time and walking around to the other side back and forth back and forth a million times . 9pm finished well not really I had to put all the furniture back on and load up all my equipment. WOW right I used about 8 gallons of mix( water , bleach, distilled white vinegar, tide for soap) for about 400 linear feet and about 4 gallons of gas .

    my method was first going over the fence once because of all the dirt and mud splash up on the bottom and getting the heavy mold off then I was put solution on let is sit and use the powerwashing with about 1000 psi - 1200 psi and go over the whole thing again

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