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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by wurkn with amish, Dec 8, 2009.

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    It looks really good Bruce! I'm still waiting for my project of the year to come in, but I like multiple little projects.:)
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    Yea! Baby! Now that looks a h*ll of a lot better than the bare perimeter in the original photos. This is something that the client can really enjoy. Real 'Eye Candy'.
    You said 'make-over'. What did you change recently?
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    Also, I did not notice any algae in the latest photos. This was the original thread topic. Share with us what steps you took to control it.
  4. wurkn with amish

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    We added probably 30-40 more plants in the landscape and new mulch.
    The actual pond itself is algea free because I think its so "cloudy" from sediment pond. We spent about an hour yesterday cleaning the algea off the falls itself. It will be back but we are not going the chemical route. They will eventually allow the Koi to go over the whole pond so that will help too. I put in 50 waterlettuce, 50 hyacinths and a floating island. Got the chem app guy to not spread fertilizer within 30-40ft all the way around, so bi- monthly maintenance will be our solution for now with what algea does grow......
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    Hyacinths and lettuce are probably two of the best plants for reducing NitrAte levels. Unfortunately, both are outlawed in Florida as an invasive species. Once the additional plants get established, it should help with the algae.

    Read a disturbing article the other day, claims that the reason String Algae is so hard to control is that it has the ability to pull nitrogen from the atmosphere when no other source is available.. Sounds fishy (no pun intended) to me, but who knows, could be.

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