How to convert the old school customer to mulching ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Turf Dancer, Sep 4, 2002.

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    I have come to understand that a large majority of the fine pros on this site mulch most of the time ! How do I convince the customers that I have that mulching is a good way to go? Besides at $25 per ton dumping my grass from 22 lawns is costing me around $20 per week to get rid of. That comes out to around $ 640 per mowing season . $ from my pocket and for the last five years would have bought me a bigger trailer or paid for a good share of a 36" mower or several other machines plus the time saved hauling the grass and dumping it I could do another 4 lawns per week. This is still a part time business for me so I am always looking for ways to expand and cut time and increase profits.
    You guys are great ! Thanks for all your expertise
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    First off, you really should charge for getting rid of the clippings. Why should you have to pay for it? But forget that, you're trying to get rid of bagging. Good man. Grass clippings are natural fertilizer and if you take it away, you're taking away about 3 fertilizings worth of nitrogen per year. In turn, that saves the customer money for less fertilizing and less watering. You could throw that pitch, but I wouldn't come down on your price that you are charging now for the mowing. Get some facts on mulching on paper and show that to the customer. Good luck.
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    Good idea about the idea of showing customers on paper the facts about mulching ! I had thought of that but not real sure about where to get such information. Where can I get a box of pamplets on the mulching subject ? Does one of the major mower manufacturers make one ?
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    Turf Dancer,

    Scag48 is right. There are numerous advantages to mulching versus bagging. Of course, there are other things to consider and recognize that make this method valuable. Sharp blades will cut the grass in a way that allows it to break down quicker that allows the nitrogen to work its way back into the lawn.

    I wouldn't worry about a pamphlet. I would do a search on this site, gather the information, put something together to write a letter. Send a letter to your clients explaining that from now on, due to its benefits, you will be mulching versus bagging, except when necessary (spring and fall sometimes).

    Even go as far as explaining that it is an extra added expense for you, which you will need to pass on to them if they insist you continue to bag the lawn.

    It's been discussed many times, but half the battle is educating your clients. This is a perfect opportunity for you to share some great information and prove to your clients that you are looking out for their best interests.
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    Do a search here, do an internet search, and go by your local Ag. ext. office. Mine has a pamplet already made up that explains the benefits of mulching. I've been known to give some hard heads a copy before.
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