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How to Creat space in Trailer


LawnSite Member
I may need to purchase another mower this year but im pressed for room in my trailer. I have a 6x10 V-nose trailer and a troy built 42" ztr. Im optimistic about obtaining 2 large school accounts and would need an extra mower. I know a stand on would fit but with the size of the properties i dont know if its a good choice. Do you think that a front mount with the deck raised would fit so that i could put the troy builts front wills under the deck?


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i would not make a mower purchase based on my trailer...instead make your trailer purchase based on your mowers....trailers can be much less expensive than mowers!


LawnSite Fanatic
If you can turn the troy built mower sideways inside the trailer, I think you may be able to squeeze in the other mower, but it would be extrememly tight. Now if you are spending the money on a front mount mower, I would suggest looking into the wright stander ZK. Its still the stand on mower, but is just as fast, if not faster than most ztr's and it is still smaller than a regular ztr. I would highly recommend looking into that. But I would definately look into the actual measurements of the mower you are looking at. But like I said, the wright stander ZK would be a great way to go.