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How to cut sod with a machete


LawnSite Senior Member
Norman, Oklahoma
I have done just a few small sod jobs. I will be doing a good-sized job in a couple of days. (over 1000 sq ft bermuda). In the past I have used various tools to awkwardly cut sod to fit. I got the impression that a machete is the appropriate tool so today I bought a couple of machetes. Found a good sharp one at Home Depot for $9. This was 14" - they also had a couple of larger sizes. Later I was in Atwoods and they had them for $3.50 so I got another one. This one will need sharpening.

Anyway, I happened to be doing a small sod job today (100 sq ft bermuda) and I got to try out the machetes. I figured I would be kind of hacking at it but that didn't always seem to be efficient. I found myself wanting to slice it. The machete seems to be the best tool for this, but I'm not sure I'm using it right. So I wonder if anyone has advice on just how to use a machete to cut sod.

hole in one lco

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rocky river ohio
To cut it with a machete flip the sod over dirt side up you'll get a better cut. For precision cuts us a good knife much easer and a lot more accurate


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Flint, Michigan
I've found that a larger banana knife works well, too. (I don't mean larger than 14", just large for a banana type knife).


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I just use a carpet knife, one where you can change out the razor blades fairly quickly. Flip it over and cut on the dirt side, you don't rip the roots apart as easily.