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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Wright48, Oct 4, 2012.

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    So today I was out catching up on lawn cutting due to the rain and one of my guys is new so hes learning the route so to say. Anyway where cutting locally right around where i live. So about 15 houses away i cut a lawn that is next to another landscapers house there neighbor's. Aboout a year ago he had flipped out because we went threw a wooded area that was his property to get around to my customers back yard. We havent gone that way since then. Well today he came out and blew up because we took the push mower threw there.I tried to tell him that i didnt see it because i was cutting the front lawn but he wasnt hearing any kind of reason at this point. Even after i told him that it was probebly one of my guys. Now hes claiming we cut threw there every week. Witch we dont. Needless to say hes a neighbor and hes has been getting to be more of a pain as of recent.taking pictures of us working near his property,speeding past my house, makeing a great deal of noise with his pick up at night ect. acting like a real jerk off. I try to ignore it and walk away but theres only so much a guy can take. I was wondering if anyone else has been in a situation like this. AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT ?? i mean im 24 and hes 50 somthing and im being more mature then he is lol ugh some people.
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    Tell him if he doesn't stop running his mouth, you're going to shut it for him.
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    I would just stay off his property and forget about him. Ive come to the conclusion in cant fix cant fix axx holes

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    Absolutely killlllllllllllllll him with kindness. It will go up his rear worse than telling him off.
    Good luck.
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    Put a bunch of MMA stickers on your truck and trailer!
  6. Chilehead

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    If you are on his property, technically you are trespassing. If however, he keeps on bugging you when you are not even in his vicinity, he is guilty of harassment. Give him a verbal warning to leave you alone, or you'll be filing a police report against him for harassing you. Oh, one more thing: don't ever step foot on his property again--it's for your own good.
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    I've got this situation right now that i'm not quite sure about. My niece works with a girl (teachers) that lives diagonally across the street. She's married, but the husband works out of town alot. She dropped a note off and wanted to be a regular customer. I've managed to not actually meet her yet, because i've seen the husband giving me some looks. I text her, and she drops a check in my mail slot. I saw the dude parked in front of my house while i was working on my street. WTF? Does he have a camera set up to view down the street? When i'm working on my street, he coincidentally appears, and drives by me. I don't want to get in the middle of a marriage, and i didn't even do anything. The guy is big. I know this girl thinks i'm a nut for not meeting her yet, but i sense this will be a mess. Well, i'll keep doing the yard. I know he'sll never catch me on camera doing his wife. I don't want any of that drama.
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    Sound advise. I would say the best suggested.
    easy-lift guy
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    are you trying to write a bad movie?
  10. easy-lift guy

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    Send her a letter telling her your to busy. Stay as far away from this situation as possible. Sounds like you need this customer like a hole in your head, BTW you may end up with one from the husband if your not wise.
    easy-lift guy

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