how to deal with difficult people

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Wright48, Oct 4, 2012.

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    ahh haaa, you'd sleep with her?! The thing is that you'd be pleased. Long red hair and long legs, glasses, just fine. I'm scared of her:) I've seen her walking her dog. It's a super easy $40, and my niece recommended me. I try to get it done when they're at work. I mean, did they discuss hiring me? Maybe she told her hubby that he couldn't tell her what to do? No, not trying to write a bad movie; it's just what has happened.
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    maybe this guys wife was already cheating. there are issuses in this marriage, i would continue servicing, but must ask why are you texting her instead of calling? that would piss me off, even more if shes nice enough to also drop off the check at your house. in the husbands eyes seems like the both of you are too friendly. i can understand the dirty looks, put the shoe on the other foot.
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    Size can make a big difference in intimidation. We have alot of small thin LCo's around here. But my helper is a muscler build guy. You got to see these other LCO'S look at him at the gas station. They look scared and nervous. No one dares to pull a fast one on us . They just look and wave. It seems alot of people look at the size of the person and if they are small and scranny people will pick on ya. Now if you are a big guy people think before they talk to ya. It is funny out it works that way. I bet he would not say boo to you if you were 6'5 and 280.
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    the majority of my customers text me. they like it.
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    Don't you have a concealed weapon?
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    I do, do you want me to whip it out?

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