How to deal with low ballers.

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by kajunlawncare, Mar 12, 2014.

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    Why is it that the Spelling Nazi's and the Grammar Gestapo feel it is their place to be rude?
  2. BrandonG

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    I think maybe "lowballers" might be human nature's defense against skyrocketing prices.

    If no one bid low, then everything would be higher, doesn't that seem to make sense?

    It's the same in the trucking industry. You have these foreigners coming over, many from eastern europe and russia, putting these POS trucks on the road, bid low, don't pay taxes, pay their employees as contractors on a 1099, and keeping rates low, pushing a lot of legitimate, professional owner ops out of the market.

    The big difference is that generally freight brokers don't care who bids, they go with whoever takes the low rate first, and if they can't find anyone in time then they have to raise the rate to get it moved. They don't care about quality of the truck, the driver, etc, as long as it gets there on time. Shippers and receivers don't care much either, as long as its on time. They don't care if the driver is running without a log book, or driving over hours of service, their service record, accident records, as long as they have their proof of insurance, they're good to go.

    When you're dealing with clients looking for lawn service, quality is a much bigger factor that is considered by the customer. So I guess I would say, just be glad you're not in the trucking industry. Lowballers run rampant there.
    The only good side about that industry is that there is still a small, but growing shortage of trucks. And it's more expensive and risky to get into this industry.
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    About the grammar, I just find it very annoying when people use "your" and "you're" improperly, same with "their", "they're" and "there".

    We learn this stuff in 2nd grade. I can't take anyone seriously who spells and uses grammar at a 2nd grade level.
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    Problem with dictionary's is that they ignore that a language is a living thing. It changes and does not stay static. Citing a definition does not always yield the most current usage or all of the various meanings for each word.

    Many a time dictionary's have been decades behind.
  5. 32vld

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    To laugh at someone's misfortune?

    That could of been a guy starting out, legal, with no more capital to come back.
  6. BrandonG

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    32vld - I think the point is that the guy didn't have insurance, and so he completely lost his equipment and vehicle.

    At least that is what I understood from the post. In my state, if you don't have insurance, then you're out of luck, whether or not the accident was your fault....but you also have to have proof of insurance to renew your license plate. So it may or may not be the case. Or maybe the guy had insurance but not business insurance on the vehicle, and knew he would not be covered since he was using the vehicle for commercial purposes. Who knows?

    But you know what? It has always been that special thing about America where if you work hard and do whatever you can to succeed, then its possible, no matter the circumstances. It doesn't matter if there are "lowballers" everywhere, because where there is a will, there is a way...from what I've read, anyways. I guess one of those things that are more easily read than done.
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    Agreed, if you look at one of my previous posts on this thread I gave my own definition of the word and was told I was incorrect according to "wiki". I accept that my definition isn't exactly the way the dictionary or wiki define it, but I think that my definition is how the word "lowballer" is commonly used in our context.
  8. Cody S

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    It's supply and demand. Basic economics teaches us that if someone wants something, they'll pay for it.
    Now, when they find it at a cheaper price, they'll go for the better deal.
    Its not beating the lowballers you have to focus on, its finding the right customers. You have to focus more on getting grandfathered into a neighborhood than kicking the lowballer out.
    If a customer just wants the cheapest price on a mow n' blow, then unfortunately that's not really the client base you should trying to be establishing.
    Because if their is one thing that beats the human nature of price shopping, its brand loyalty.
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    Your company is going live on the snow Since your from a state that has lots of snow. That's where your company will grow from is the winter income. Your winters are longer then your summer?
    Good job on the winter
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    Just wanted to post this for the sake of the thread
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