How to deal with low ballers.

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by kajunlawncare, Mar 12, 2014.

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    Yeah depends on your location. Ours is average 32 weeks.

    It's really not that hard. Mulch is a big money maker. I'm hoping to move 1000 yards this season

    You can make a lot more than 100k solo just in chemicals. Look at gravely guy he's solo.
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    yea if you had a ride on perma green.

    alaska is just catching on to things.
    not than long ago people lived in weeds with old cars and snow machines as lawn ornaments.

    The demand level isn't quite there, which is both good and bad.

    dudes up here think its "ok" to spray to eradicate. What? No I don't need a license, I learned how to do it myself!

    you don't need a license if you only spread granular herbicide….

    stupid things like that.

    So it's not quite your world, yet.

    20 weeks for apps, $200 for the avg app. , three apps is average… i'd need 100 chem customers and 40-50 lawn cuts to do 100k.

    mulch isn't a big thing here…usually done on new install… not the yearly refresh like is common in the lower 48…. it does happen, but a lot of people opt for rock/gravel. the reason being high winds and lots of snow run off can get mulch everywhere.

    everyone up here still uses that stupid weed barrier and plastic edging…. I try to tell them about pre emergent and spade edging and they look at me like I'm crazy
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    His season cant be to long living in Oshkosh WI

    My season is 30 weeks but Mostly looking at 22-25 for mowing. I have dry summers at times I gross 99,976 last year just on mowing only that's 54 lawns one month with no mowing hardly. I have 4 lawns that has irrigation and those lawns I mowed 30 times, everything else was more like 22-25 times.

    Im starting on my 33th year in business.
    When he was in diapers I was running my 88 92 95 Dixie Chopper mowers dang Im old

    BossPlowMaster will you tell us or me more about your company Maybe I can learn something new

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    Why is the topic now focused on the fact that a 17 year old may or may not run a business that can gross $100K?

    Consider all the variables, that's really not very hard to do. I did $40K with two installs last year. Why wouldn't a 17 year old be able to do the same exact thing? JFC... Some of you guys are so stuck on tearing down the young guys.. It's kind of funny. Who cares if he's doing 100K or not!? Good for him!!
  5. BossPlowMaster

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    You all are funny. I thank the ones that support me. I did 3 installs this past year which brought me in just over 45k (crew of 2 including me). I mowed all season long running a crew of 2 guys and 2 mowers and mowed on average of 17 lawns a day 3 1/2 days a week and that brought in just shy of
    18k. Not to mention all of the gardening and around the house bed maintenence we did which brought in 6k and don't forget the 45k I made on snow removal this past year(1 truck, me and 1-2 guys). Call it bs if you want but I did it and I sure as hell worked my a$$ off to do it. Am I saying this is going to be an average year? No but I thought it was something I could be proud of. Haha guess I'll just put head down and act like a whipped puppy.
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  6. BossPlowMaster

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    As I said to the guy who insulted me orginally. I simply work 3x as hard as anyone...I have a desire to work and see my company grow. I spend my free time doing stuff that puts my company ahead.
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  7. grassmonkey0311

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    Its not so much about a 17 year old, its the things that were said. We all know that not everything here is the 100% truth, we have members who post a lot of BS. Its the fact he's trying to contribute information while bragging about what he did.

    I know you very well could have done $40K on 2 installs. I bet a lot of guys/gals here do it too. I just find it hard to believe 3 different people stroked a $15K check to a 17 year old.

    I asked a simple question about his equipment because I wanted to find out more about his operation. Maybe there were things I could change or things I needed to improve on. But when I was informed of a previous post of someone saying they were in business 10 years, and currently 17 years old, it's pretty irritating.

    This forum has done wonders for me, as it has for a lot of you. I can't even begin to tell you how much I've learned. No books could ever teach the stuff that is said here. But there are also a few bad apples, and I think it's good to call them out. This will keep the BS to a minimum because they won't post as much.

    As for lowballers, I think it's hard to call a company a lowballer if that is their business strategy, Like a Wal Mart or Brickman. They have a business plan that works and they offer a cheaper price. I think someone who advertises $25 any yard, fails on his promise to customers, stops showing up, run's his operation illegally, that is a lowballer. Wal Mart and Brickman are far from that.
  8. shane-pa

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    The lowballers I referred to in my previous post have no "business plan". They charge what they charge and there is nothing I nor anyone else can do about it. Maybe that is their plan and they don't realize it. To drive cheap trucks and use cheap equipment. Keep overhead low. They have been doing this for 30+ years.

    I charge $25 for a few of my yards. I have insurance and pay taxes. I show up every week, have HIC license, and sales tax number. There is nothing illegal about my business.

    More to the point of this thread "How to deal with low ballers":
    I don't. I do my work and they do theirs. They don't think of this as an industry. To them, they get up in the morning and mow lawns. That's it and nothing more.
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    They've created a job for themselves. Good for them. There aren't any good jobs to be had any more with just a high school diploma and not every one is cut out for higher educations. In fact, in more cases than not, it's a waste of money.
  10. jrs.landscaping

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    How so?

    Read the threads about guys trying to find quality employees. What jobs are out there with just a high school diploma?

    GREEN INDUSTRY jobs, it's funny how if they work for a company for $10-$15 an hour it isn't enough to make ends meet. On the flip side they buy a mower and start mowing lawns for the same or less pay rate and that's commendable?

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