How To Determine How Much Mulch Is Needed

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by 1MajorTom, May 29, 2004.

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    This question seems to be a popular one in this forum.
    A lot of people want to know how to figure out the correct amount of mulch for their landscaping project. So D Felix came up with a good idea to have the formula stuck to the top of this forum.

    Here it is:

    To determine how much mulch is needed, you take:

    Total square feet x depth desired (in feet) / 27 = cubic yards needed

    Figure out your square footage.
    Take square footage time depth desired (in feet, i.e. 3" = .25 feet).
    That gives volume in cubic feet.
    Divide that number by 27 to get cubic yards. There's 27 cubic feet per yard (3'x3'x3'=27 cubic feet).
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    thats pretty good try it out tomorrow
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    thanks Jodi for the information
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    duhhhhhh!!!!!! if u can't figure it out, don't do it
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    Just for you I will make it easier. That way you can do it. :D

    1 Yard of Mulch 3" deep will cover 108 sq feet

    1 Yard of Mulch 4" deep will cover 81 sq feet

    1 Bag 2 cu feet at 3" will cover 8 sq feet

    1 Bag 2 cu feet at 4" will cover 6 sq feet
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    1 Bag 3 cu feet at 2" will cover 18 sq feet
    1 Bag 3 cu feet at 1" will cover 36 sq feet
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    metric is so much easier :)
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    Not when you are used to the *right* way of doing it.:D

    And especially not when your suppliers handle stuff that way too.:D:D

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    If you use this formula you don't have to convert the depth from inches to feet:

    Length (in Feet) X Width (in Feet) X Depth (in Inches) / 324 = Cubic Yards


    10x20x3/324=1.8518518518518518518518518518519 cubic yards


    Using the decimal equilivant of 3 inches (.25 feet):

    10x20x.25/27=1.8518518518518518518518518518519 cubic yards
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