How To Determine How Much Mulch Is Needed

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by 1MajorTom, May 29, 2004.

  1. glaciator

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    I make it easy on myself.

    1 cu yd. mulch covers 100 sq. ft. (about 3" deep)...enough to cover weed barrier if its used so it won't show anytime soon.

    1 ton 1 1/2" river rock covers 100 sq. ft. (that's usually a little shy so I'll add a little when bidding)
  2. Palm Tree Doctor

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    Always order more than you need...
    I can look at a job and tell how much mulch the job needs. I have been Landscaping for 25 years...
  3. glaciator

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    I can usually get close when estimating by eye. Since the mulch I like to use is sort of pricey, anything more then 3 or 4 cu. yards and I pace off the space. And yes, I always err on the heavy side. Nothing worse than having to go back to the materials yard for a 1/2 cu. yard of mulch!!!
  4. skennedy

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    The eyes of experience is a gift I hope to have one day. Rolling my wheel around and getting nearly the same number as the guy who rolls up and eye's it is getting annoying.
  5. GrassIsGreenerLawnCare

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    i agree, people like that suck....they think they're so much better than everyone. in reality hes probably a guy with LBMS little big man syndrome
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    It's important to know it is different if you are starting a new garden vs. remulching an existing garden.

    If you are starting a new garden, you will want to add amendments to the entire area of the garden. Use the actual square footage for your calculations below.

    If you are mulching or amending an existing garden approximate the percentage of the garden that is not occupied by plants. (Ex. 1/8, 1/4 or whatever) Multiply the actual square footage by the percentage not occupied by plants. The resulting square footage is the number you will use for your calculations below.

    Coverage Depth Sq. Ft. / Cu. Yard
    1...................... 320
  7. KingOfCupCar20

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    To estimate the required cubic yardage required
    for mulch or compost, measure (in feet) the
    length and width of the areas to be covered.
    Multiply the length x width to get your square
    footage. Add up square footage for all areas and
    use the following formula:

    For a thickness of:

    1/2" - divide the square footage by 660 = total yards
    1" - divide the square footage by 325 = total yards
    2" - divide the square footage by 162 = total yards
    3" - divide the square footage by 108 = total yards
    4" - divide the square footage by 81 = total yards
    5" - divide the square footage by 65 = total yards
    6" - divide the square footage by 54 = total yards
  8. bryan.thompson50

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    We usually just apply anywhere between 2-3 inches of mulch.
    Plus you never want to over mulch or mulch to close to trees or roots because the tree roots will start to grow upwards towards the ground.

    Just a thought. :) Good luck
  9. NarNar

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  10. Corwin

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    I have read this entire thread and have heard nothing about markup. I know if i sign up a contractor account at my local distributer I get a 4 to 5 dollar discout from the homeowner price. Where does that leave a fair markup price?

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