How To Determine How Much Mulch Is Needed

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by 1MajorTom, May 29, 2004.

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    The guy is trying to help. Why do you have to be such a dhead!!! It seems to come so naturally to you, perhaps you do not know any other way to treat people.
  2. cedarcroft

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    iwas taught this formula:

    LxWx(.08 per inch of depth)/27 = yards needed

    i guess its the same.
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    -13 mulchforkfuls will fill an 8 cubic foot wheelbarrow, 4 of which constitute roughly one yard.

    -An 8' pickup will accomodate 2 cy of mulch (Don't try this with pea gravel!)

    -All of the mathematical calculations related to mulch coverage fail to take into account planting density (The percentage of a given area which cannot be mulched because there are plants in the way).

    -If the surface of the beds is rough and irregular, you can wind up 10% short of mulch even on small jobs (6-10 cy)

    -Slipping the kid driving the front-end loader $5.00 makes sure that you're NEVER short!
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    usually mulch is aplied at 3 inches thick,
    the easy way the find out how much mulch you would need, measure LxW and that will give you the sq. ft. as for the amount of mulch needed one yd of mulch applied at 3 inches thick will cover 108sq ft ...
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    It's LxWxD divided by 27sq'=yds needed,
    If your spreading it 3"then x by 3 ...if 2"then x by 2....ect,you don't minus the crown habit foliage of the plantings just say 4" to 6" circumfrence per plant.It's easy to remember minus 2' for every 4 plants.So if you have an 10x8bed and your spreading it 3" thick and there are 12 plants in the bed it would go like this 10x8x3=240 sq' -6'=234sq' divided by 27=8.66yds ...
    and you order 9 yards anyway!
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    Generally I don't use all that equation stuff. I have learned to eye ball it perfectly. Landscaping is natural and not a perfect sience so enjoy it and you will make plenty of money..... :blob3: :blob3:
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    I think that guesswork can get some people into trouble, and not only that, but in some cases you will be called upon to show your estimates. At least in this state, to pass the landscape contractors exam you need to be able to look at a landscape design and figure out how much mulch and gravel to put down in various areas. Guessing won't work, and I'd think that the larger the job, the tougher it would be to guess exactly right.
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    Thank You jimmyq
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    I'm not sure if anyone else has posted, but I have a little change to this formula.

    Length x Width x Depth(in inches) divide by 10 divide then divide that number by 27 ,, this give you a 20% compaction cushion

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    this will help you all in converting too cubic yds to yards and then to tons for each material listed...

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