How To Determine How Much Mulch Is Needed

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by 1MajorTom, May 29, 2004.

  1. Tom B.

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    Not to be a jerk or anything, but all of the math discussed seems remedial. I'm by no means a mathematician, but proficiency in basic geometry and algebra are a must when estimating jobs.
  2. steve m

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    1 yard of mulch will cover 100 sq. ft. at 3 in depth for new beds. 1 yard of mulch will cover 325 sq. ft. beds with old mulch in beds for the most part. being 3 in of mulch at max depth.
  3. SpringHillTnLandscaping

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    I usually just eye it up according to past experience I can see roughly how much a bag at what ever cubic feet will spreat out to and I always add a few bags incase of mistakes. Always works out for me. nice to see the formula tho.
  4. bigcountry01

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    go buy one yard at a time.....then u cant go wrong! HA HA HA!! You will be able to judge just by looking after you have some experience
  5. SpringHillTnLandscaping

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    with mulch I tend to look at the type of plants and what the client wants and go from there. Black and brown hardwood mulch break down alkaline while pinestraw breaks down acidic. I was told this by the Nashville Tn Ag dept. When using the black and you have hyrdangea or azalea, yews you know acid plants they may yellow and need an acidic fert.
  6. Critical Care

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    Here is a fairly foolproof Excel program that I put together for calculating the amount of mulch needed for square, rectangular, or circular areas.

    There are two compressed versions included within the ZIP file. One is a binary Excel 2007 program and the other is compatible with earlier versions of Excel 97-2003. Have fun...

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  7. MarcM

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    I tend to eyeball it. These calculators will help. Thanks.
  8. SpringHillTnLandscaping

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    I use a compost and pinestraw mixture to protect plants from winter damage even after there is mulch there if it is a sensitive plant. Is anyone else doing the same thing? Or are you just using the existing mulch to achieve this?
  9. casey humphrey

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    hi peeps how is it going? i have a contract for lawn care and i am going to shoot him a estimate on some mulch i know how to convert from feet to yards and to how much $ the mulch is. the property mulch is about 2 years old and it looks like crap my question is how deep should i calculate into my bid since this isn't a new mulch bed this is just an over lay to freshen up the look of the property an inch or 2 inches? what are your thoughts on this thanks
  10. alesia

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    what? What kind of formula dp you have?

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