How to distribute flyers

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    Being in business since 1979, and spending a lot of money annually on marketing and advertising I would like to give my .02 worth.

    We have used and continue to do many different forms and types of promotions. They include programs similar to the postcardmainia post, door -to door flier campaigns, radio, yellow pages (and that's a completely different post), web presence, etc, etc......

    What I have found is that none of them individually set the house on fire. However, collectively they all work. We have seen 0 results at times from post card programs, flier distribution, direct mail, just about any seasonal type advertising. On the other hand, we have seen excellent results from each program as well. Our 31 years of experience tells us that advertising is not a sometime thing, it is an all the time thing that must take place with seasonal pushes. Consistentcy is your key to success. Part-time name recognition generally does not work. Based on your company size and the volume of new work you are looking for, the dollars spent will change dramatically.

    The biggest lesson that I've learned and would like to share is that you should not let any single person or program say they are the best and forget the rest. Here's why.

    Different personalities buy for different reasons and have different motivation points to buy. For some it may be a flier, a professional post card program, a personal letter, uniformed employees, clean professional looking equipment, etc.......... We all buy for different reasons. That's why utilizing only one type of advertising do not make dollars or "sense."

    Of course the best leads are referrals that we receive so don't forget to ask your existing clients on a regular basis for referrals.

    Just my .02 worth on a topic that is a six hour seminar that we offer. Good luck to everyone one this year.
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    strap on a pair of roller blades and go door to door, ive been doing that for a couple years and i can go faster than two guys walking
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    Wanted to revisit this topic, because after enough time passed, it's evident that websites and internet won't replace the proven old-school flyers and stuff.

    As the internet gets more saturated, effective printed advertising can be just as effective, if not more so.

    It's not what I would have expected 5 or 6 years ago.

    But after watching Google bounce back and forth, and not adhering to a consistent standard, and seeing the multiplication of industry websites, it's evident that the internet can be a distraction if it draws-in 100% of priority.
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    Dollar store sells clothes pins 1.00 bag of 50 use postcards or bus cards one clothes pin with card in mouth toss at end of drive near mailbox.
    I have seen ziploc sandwich bags with one egg rock used in each.
    Around here pizza hut, dominos and pappa johns all put in on and under my mail box every week.
    I can put one on mailbox and get postmaster call
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    1% is pretty good.
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    I've found that flyers are a HUGE waste of time and money. Just get a mailing list for free through your local library, and send out a good sales letter. Content is more important than looks to be honest. If you make it compelling, I've seen people who wrote with a sharpie on yellow lined paper and mailed it to HIGH END clients and saw impressive results. Sometimes as high as a 5% sales rate. Make it feel personal. Hope this helped!
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    We have seen again and again that postcards are a great way to promote a landscaping business. To give you an example: a landscaper in Texas invested $2463.77
 into a direct mail campaign and the return on investment was 1015% (Conservatively!)... Here is some more data about their campaign:
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    I use doorhanger blanks when I print my own, can be purchased at most stationary or office supply stores

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