How to distribute flyers

Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by newjerseylandscaping, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. oqueoque

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    Bow and arrow. It is fast and almost all will be read.
  2. smlc451

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    I have 4"x6" flyers on UV stock that I can pass out or throw in a plastic door hanger bag. You can buy the bags in bulk from cheap. Saves money on buying separate door hanger flyers. I recommend not buying the same sized bags as the flyers, since they're a ***** trying to put in.
  3. PicturePerfectLawns

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    Maybe for you. But what works for you may not work for others. I've found a huge success with door flyers.
  4. bfleming98

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    Be careful with flyers. They take a lot of time to hand out. But it is somewhere to start.

    If you need to get more customers why not try the internet?

    OPTIMISTIC LawnSite Member
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    @bfleming98, Internet is a great way to advertise and promote your services, however actually getting "unique hits" through a search engine or social media is the difficult portion. Facebook and the likes would be easier than submitting your website's URL through a search engine hoping for "unique hits" to come through. In order to obtain unique visitors you need to dominate your area in concerns with SEO. In order to get more content that is searchable through bot crawlers and the like you must have pages indexed, so that Google/Yahoo will pull that meta data to provide your listings if someone was to search City, State landscaping services or City, State lawn services.
  6. PicturePerfectLawns

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    Would using a web-biased proxy server or IP changer that changes on the click of a button and clicking on the link from several thousand different locations be handy in this? :laugh:
  7. oqueoque

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    If you are a fat old man like me, it is a great way to get back into shape in March. If you have new hires, it can show you who can take the daily grind also.
  8. Dr. Cornwallis

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    I'm going to start using a nice brown recycled paper bag envelope that's been hand addressed with my postcard inside to try and target specific houses I want to service, I figure this way they'll at least open it and glance at my postcard.
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  9. Dennisaduval

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    Anyone tried placing flyers on vehicles while people are shopping? You can hit a lot of parked cars in a very short period of time. Once I got a static cling ad on my drivers side window from sonic. Also from my experience in the pizza business many moons ago, this works well for restaurants.
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  10. PostcardMania

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    Why the additional step of putting your postcards in envelopes and making letters out of them?

    When you mail/pass out postcards the message is right there on the front, so the recipient can see what itÂ’s offering immediately. Letters are concealed in an envelope. Most people will throw away a marketing letter without ever opening it. Postcards eliminate this barrier. Recipients see your message and therefore you accomplish half the battle of marketing.

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