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    @PostcardMania, I think his reasoning is the effort to pull the card out and then read it. It will leave a lasting impression. He could also add a message like, "I heard you recycle, here's a free bag for you!" or something nifty.

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    Great idea! Which store or type of parking lot would you go to? Mall & Target?
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    I can argue with this

    We did personal hand addressed envelopes to a mailing list two years ago. We had over a 50% response rate and it was just a simple typed letter saying we are now servicing their area. Hand signed of course
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    Which mailing list did you utilize? What was the exposure?
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    I'd l likely stick with a local grocery store near your target area or near a new area you would like to grow into. The only problem I see with this for lawn care versus a restaurant is that you end up having to go to the customer. There could be people from outside the area you are willing to travel at the mall so that could be an issue.
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    "I heard you recycle, here's a free bag for you!"- Great idea!
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    That's an awesome response!!! I certainly don't want to argue here. I'm just sharing what we know to work best after doing direct mail for 16 years. That doesn't mean that what I'm sharing applies to every single business, there are of course exceptions and I'm always willing to learn and find out new things.
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    I gave up on flyers they all end up in the trash!!

    IMO there needs to be a secondary value to your advertising.

    For example....
    I have a business card of a local handyman that I found on my mailbox. If this was a flyer it would be in the trash. Instead it was a magnet. It sits on my refrigerator looking at me everyday in case I need them.

    Another tip is to create a calendar for potential customers. Think about key months for fertilizing, aeration, seeding and other services... Think about how to integrate those reminders into your calendar.
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    On nearly every door where I live I can slip a post card between the door and the weather stripping. I imagine the same would go for a flyer. To my knowledge they have always been retrieved and not blown away.
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    We've been printing door hangers that you can attach to the door handle. It works for 99% of doors (except the door handles that have an opening at the bottom. UPrinting and some others offer this service - you just need to send them an image, they'll handle the rest.

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