How to do I get materials in without any access

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by CK82, Mar 31, 2009.

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    I am currently bidding on a job at a home along a lake. The house is 20ft. below the driveway with a straight stairway leading from the driveway. There is a very steep flower bed with bushes and many obstacles next to the staircase. The job will be in need of every kind of material from 50lb+ boulders, decorative stone, and retaining wall block. I will need to bring in and take out material as we go. All of which can be moved by wheelbarrel or a Toro Dingo once at the houses level. I can use the neighbors driveway to bring in the Dingo, but Im positive I could not go up and down there driveway with it more than once. Any ideas or past knowledge on how to get my material down to this job?! Just to get your minds moving, I was thinking of making some sort of a plywood shoot going down the stair case, but 15ft from the end of the stairway is the front door to the house. This could be bad rolling 50lb rocks down it, or any other material for that matter. This would still leave me with getting the material removed up that same shoot. Are there any conveyors that would extend 25ft. or so and are easily maneuvered? Any ideas or info would help!

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    50lbs rocks are nothing. I've seen young girls haul bigger rocks than that on their shoulders. When it is difficult and a hydraulic lift isn't feasible. Use a dolley.
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    This may sound crazy but can you use a boat and bring it in from the lake side? You didn't describe the back of the house. Is the material being use in the front or rear of the house?
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    50# boulders are really not that bad. once you start putting boulders on chutes--that can get really ugly, b/c how are you controlling the speed down the chute.

    I would walk things up and down the stairs. Use a dolly if its safe.
    If you're talking about lots and lots of materials, consider using a crane. It may seem over the top, but at least it'll be safe.
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    There couldnt be any more obstacles at this house I will be working at. There is no access from the back (lakeside) as it is on a bluff which is 20ft.+ to the lakes edge. We will be removing bushes, old stone, exacvating for a retaining wall, and some drainage issues. So a boat would not work. I'm definitely not weak, I realize 50lb "rocks" are easily carried. The only problem is, is that nothing is easy to access as I stated. I trying to look at the project as a whole, and how I could bring in and remove material.
  6. FLCthes4:11-12

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    I have had some jobs like that and it seems that they are always on a lake. Most of the time you just have to man up and add two more labors for each day that you will be on the job just to carry materials.
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    Try these.

    salita scalino.jpg

  8. CK82

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    I called my local contractor supply/rental store. They have conveyors. 25-30ft. I think it will work perfect. The transport wheels can be removed and I can set it on top of the stairs. Someone would definitely get injured if we were carrying all the material up and down by hand.
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    If you need another source I think Aring Equipment on Stoughton Rd has conveyors. Now I'm sure you got the necessary permits for disturbing soil within 200 feet of a Dane County lake, right?
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    Sounds good I will give them a call as well. I will be checking into the permits as well. I should have known with the city of madison.


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