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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by molivares, Mar 1, 2003.

  1. molivares

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    I'd like to do some market research to see if there's alot of competition in my area. How would you start doing market research before opening a business ?.

    I have a family to support and have about 30,000 in reserve to pay for my mortgage of 1200.00 my truck payment of 300.00 and estimating about another 600.00 in food and supplies. I'd like to do all my home work before I start.

    I have about another 20,000 to buy equipment Trailer, Mower and other things plus supplies for the pool & spa service and the maid services.

    I'll need to make atleast 60,000 per year what do you think. Will I make it.

    Any suggetions good or bad are accepted please give it to me I can take it.
  2. LP

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    The quickest way to find out if there is a market in your area is to find out if true green is there, or servicemaster if they are you've got a market. If you do have a market and you put some biblical business practices to use like dealing honestly and with integrity and everything else will come together and you'll do great!!!!!
  3. LP

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    p.s. If there is a market there will be a lot of competition, but dont let that hinder you., and as far as your money is concerned for start-up it look's good. I would not invest it all up front, I would start soliciting business first and buy only what I needed to maintain that quota. Baby steps!!!
  4. paponte

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    "If you want it bad enough, you WILL have it". That has been one of my sayings for a long time now. I started my business when I was 14 in the trunk of my mothers car. At this point there are times I make that much in a single month. As Lee said above "Baby steps". If you currently have a job I would stick with it for now, and do the cutting on the side. Despite competition, build up your business and HUSTLE!! A business does not and will not grow sitting on your @ss. Be constructive. Look around and see what is being done, and what is not. One thing that has helped me is offering services that no one else does. Separate yourself from everyone else. Ever hear the term "the squeaky wheel gets all the grease"? It's true. If you are reliable, do a great job, and are competitive, you can pretty much make it in any business.

    As Lee also stated, do not invest it all at once. Once you dig a hole you cannot get out of you might as well just bury yourself. As I said above, if you have a job already stay with it. If you are unemployed, then you need to hustle. Scrape up as much business as you can, and don't be picky. Money is money in the beginning. you can always "weed" later. Good luck!! :cool:
  5. Randy Scott

    Randy Scott LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Gross or net?
  6. molivares

    molivares LawnSite Member
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    Yes there is a Service Master about 30 miles away how does this mean there is a market ?.

    You mentioned getting clients setup before I start how would you go about doing this ?
  7. molivares

    molivares LawnSite Member
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    Gross would be fine
  8. Fantasy Lawns

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    You live in Poinciana as in just South of Kissimmee Central FLa ??.....

    If so .... than I'd say you have a market .... at least year round work ..... check the yellow pages for the listed services ..... what is the average income & home sale in your area ..... what is the population density ..... are there large developements near your way .... whom or what is the largest employeer

    Do you see the need of providing service ..... does it seem the homes are well kept ......what type of commercial services & shopping is local ..... these are things to look at n consider

    Check with your local county extension office for information ..... how many liecenced operations are in you area ?? What are the local laws for storage of equip or running a service out of your home if this is the way for you ?

    This is a hard area to grow quick in .... but it can happen with great service ..... $60K gross for a solo is not out of reach ..... yet in the 1st year ..... it just WON'T Happen without some sort of push or primer (buying out an existing LCO) .... even with lots of ADVO that 1st year ... which has a huge learning curve .... an un-expected cost come up

    Your NOT gonna be able to spray (unless your already licenced .... other wise 3 years experience with a spray company) Your NOT gonna be able to trim trees (unless you can afford the insurance cost) .... so for basic mowing n such (trimming, planting etc) each account may on average bring in $1200 per year .... so for $60K in 2003 your gonna need 50 accounts .....n your already 3 months behind .... not trying to be down .... because a good operation or smart solo CAN make it ..... just if your family needs $60k for the year .... your gonna have to keep other employement untill things get kicking ..... Good Luck in 2003
    Good infor link for St. Aug cutters
  9. molivares

    molivares LawnSite Member
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    Steve Fantasy Lawns

    Thanks alot this is the kind of info I'm looking for. I know I won't get that many accounts fast but I also have my spa & pool service and I'm hoping to get accounts in that area too. please if there are more suggestions I'd love to hear them thank you.
  10. crazygator

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    Find ways to be creative with your advertising. Look and see where everyone else has placed ads, or is advertising and try to think of a better way or place. Do not follow the crowd, set the pace and allow your business to be out front.

    This has helped me this year as well as in past years. If you stand out with your craftsmanship (quality, dependable, honest, hard working) then you can make it, although it will take some time. I do not think it will fall in your lap all at once.

    You do have a very good angle. You can use your spa and pool work to get your foot in the door of some untouchable areas for some guys. Try and set up a package for these people and be ready to offer it when you are there. Network with others in your area, tell everyone and have lots of cards to pass out. You never know when that one card will give you several accounts.

    I wish you a very good year!

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