How to do new yard ?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Todd's lawncare, Apr 4, 2005.

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    I'd tell you but I don't have time because I have 1,000 pounds of special sports blend seed that I have to get down at one job tomorrow so as I said I'm too bsuy putting down seed to answer a seeding question.
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    what did you have to come home for lunch ?? get to work then
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    What a helpful crowd. Such good advise

    Todd, dont pay these people any mind, they first came to this site looking for info too at one time, now they just hang around to throw punches in the new guys face.

    To answer your question. Not knowing anything about your site makes it hard to give a good answer. If the soil isnt right neither will the resuts be. Do a soil test and find what the soil needs. Contact you county extention office for seed suggestions. While you are waiting on the soil test results, have a licensed applicator spray the area with round up, its probably getting warm enough in your area for it to actually work. This will kill off all the old grass and weeds. When you get the soil test results back, apply reccomendations to the lawn and till in. Rake smooth and remove all debries. Broadcast seed and cover with straw, not hay. Water daily, just enough to keep the ground moist not muddy for first two weeks. Deep watering isnt neccesary for newly seeded area. After germination water less frequently but for longer periods of time. Any water that is ponding or running off is wasted. Forget the fast growing grass, this will require high nitrogen applications. The nitrogen along with the moisture will cause fungus, especially as the weather warms up and the humidity starts to climb. At the first sign of any fungus have a licensed applicator apply a funcide, dont wait until the lawn starts turning brown in big patches, by then its to late and you will have to overseed in the fall.
    Mow first time when grass reaches 4 inches high to a mowed height of three inches. Mowing shorter is subject to pull the new grass out of the ground. Make sure mower blades are sharp. Higher mowing heights will reduce weed competition and reduce evaporation of moisture from the soil. Avoid high nitrogen fertilizers in the summer months as the new grass will not have a mature root system and the fast top growth will require more irrigation, again, moisture, fertilizer and humidity could lead to more fungus.
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    Yea and keep everybody and their dogs off too intell it's strong.

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