How to fail part 2

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PROCUT1, Feb 18, 2011.

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    Mustard Only!

    Thanks for the read. I can relate to both your threads. Thanks
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    thats alot of experience for one person, one thing i can say is you keep it going no matter how bad it gets. thats great!

    A good thing for you to read up on and for everybody to read up on is called business runway! the amount of months you can run your business without money before you would have to profit. This mainly goes for internet businesses and other types, but it would be nice to have this apply to landscape industry as well. it would avoid situations like these. having a runway for your business would mean you can run your business for a year without worrying about things going south.

    i just read about this not long ago and am already starting to work towards it. for example i have a 4000 sq ft shop that i rent, we had enough "runway" for about 6 months. i stopped selling equipment to focus on landscaping and my partner didn't sell anything either(another story). so our runway ran out this month. we just rented out about 3100 sq ft of our shop for $400 more per month then we pay for it and still get the other 900 sq ft. i started to sell again last week and have enough runway again for the next 9 months because of cutting costs and starting to sell again. we now are looking forward to having enough runway in the bank for at least two years starting in two months. reason for this is so that we have room to grow and allow for any mess ups along the way.

    i know it is not the exact same but the idea is there. Runway for a business is a great thing to look into. check it out and try to put it into your business plans.
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    Thanks but I already know how to fail, that's no trick there, matter of fact it's down right easy!
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    Thiought this thread was dead, somehow it continues to be dug back up.
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    Wow. I havent been on here in forever.

    Quick update. In an economically viable area, with lessons learned from the past, things are going great.

    No debt. No outstanding payables. No credit lines. Running older paid for equipment, and have made myself public enemy number 1 in the sealcoating business in my new area.....and loving that.

    Its such a great feeling to have the phone ring off the hook and feel like I did a few years ago when things were growing like crazy.

    Reading some of my old posts on here, I have to admit. "Failing" was the best thing that could have ever happened. There wont be a "How to fail 3"

    For the first time in my life Im going into winter without a care in the world. No big overhead to cover. No payments to make. And no snowplowing!

    Now while my competitors are working their jobs to "get them through the winter", I have 4 months to spend fulltime marketing and introducing myself to their customers.
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    Not being married to snow removal in this business and instead pursue snowmobiling, cross country skiing, downhill skiing or better yet escape to a warm climate for some down a true measure of success.

    I'm returning to my duties this winter as a snow relocation specialist. :hammerhead: :cry:
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