How to fertilize tight areas?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by TimberlandGrounds, Mar 22, 2004.

  1. TimberlandGrounds

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    Newbie here (new to the fertilizer section). I am a lawn cutting guy, was able to obtain a license over the winter for fertilizer applications.

    I apply only granular. For those tight areas, how do you guys apply the granular fertilizer? I have a Lesco broadcast spreader, but that would be bad for smaller areas. Should I use a drop spreader? For example, I have many residential customers that have a sidewalk, and that area between the sidewalk and the street is approx. 5 feet wide. If I use a broadcast spreader, I would have a lot of overspray into either the street or sidewalk.

    What do you guys suggest.
  2. Runner

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    The sidewalk, in most cases, really can't be avoided. Just use your sheild. Who did you do fertilization for, before (I mean who did you work for?)
  3. dishboy

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    I watched a guy last fall lift the spreader up on one wheel to change the pattern. Have not tried it yet but it seemed to work for him.
  4. Enviro Green

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    Go slower at a lower rate Spreads less and use a blower Don't leave that stuff there
  5. Green Right

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    I Use the scotts handheld green plastic spreader sold to home owners. they are very handy for small areas.They hold about 4lbs. of fert and they are durable.
  6. TimberlandGrounds

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    Green Right, thanks for the tip. I just picked up one of these Scott's hand held units from Home Depot. Exactly what I am looking for, something to help out with those smaller, tight areas.

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