how to find fuel consumption rates?

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    this may have been asked already,but here goes.
    I am looking at buying new mowers, but would like to know how much fuel per hour is burned by various motors. i need the bigger horse power for a few lawns. But,who knows where gas prices are going in the following years?
    is there a chart out there that has this info? thanks
  2. kaferhaus

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    No chart. And if there were one it would be full of holes anyway.

    A "carb" certified engine is going to be somewhat fuel efficient just because they have to be run so lean to meet the emissions standards for the peoples republic of Kalifornia.

    Generally a fuel injected engine will not only produce more torque at a lower rpm they are usually slight more fuel effiecient. That applies to cars more than mowers as the carburation issue with mowers is much simpler. The mower engine should be run wide open all the time, so the carb only has to be efficient at WOT. This is not difficult to do. The variable there comes into play with air temperature (density altitude) and humidity which affect the air to fuel ratio. Fuel injection systems usually have a way to compensate for air density.

    And finally the "load" plays a very important role in consumption. A small engine under a heavy load may consume more fuel than a larger one under the same load (this is a very sticky issue) however most of the time the smaller enigne will still get better economy so long as it's not "overloaded".

    If you plan on routinely "bush hogging" with your mower then you need the biggest engine available. If you plan to do little of that kind of work then you need the smallest engine that will run the mower as designed.

    We run the smallest engines we can get away with. And it's worked out very well.

    For a solo it may not be such a big issue but when you're running 14 ZTRs and 18 WBs all day 6 days a week... along with 8 trucks, 35+ hand helds.. gas consumption is a very big deal.
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    No charts but an addition to Kaferhaus's post.
    Keep up on your maintenance. Dull blades, dirty air filters, not greasing, etc.. will suck the power/fuel out of an engine in a hurry.
  4. Richard Martin

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    Some of us solos find fuel consumption a big issue. I watch mine like a hawk.

    My Kohler 28 EFI burns about 1 gal an hour under a light load like when there's a drought or first thing in the Spring. As the Summer wears and our grass grows faster it goes up to around 1.25/1.5 gals an hour. The mower is a 60" cut and I use it wherever I can so it is actually saving me money over a smaller engined, smaller decked mower.
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    Most air cooled Gasoline V-Twins will get anywhere from 1.2 to over 2.0 GPH with the Big Block V-Twins. EFI will give you more HP/torque, while keeping you under 2.0GPH with a gasburner:)

    Diesel will get & keep you at or under 1.0GPH all day long for the life of the machine.

    Gasoline engines with the EFI option will increase the ZTR price anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 depending on engine & dealer.

    Diesel is much higher or an investment up to $3,000 more

    EFI engines do not have choke's, and will operate more consistant hot or cold. EFI gives you instant response to needed power/torque. You get a slight decrease in fuel consumption. The increased power/torque you get out of the EFI engines is very appealing to many looking for extra power & better fuel economy.

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    I don't know the main part of your question but I do know fuel prices are going UP and they ain't coming down.
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