How to find out when to bid or get commerical leads

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by patphish, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. patphish

    patphish LawnSite Member
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    Does anyone know the best way to get commerical sales lead or to find out how to get on maybe a bid list?
  2. landscaper22

    landscaper22 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Ummmm...Maybe call the company and ask, or dress professionally one day and stop by and inquire about it.

    JIM PALUCH LawnSite Member
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    When I was selling for YARDMASTER in Cleveland, Ohio. . . . I would never go by turned over dirt. If it was a commercial site, I was stopping into a job trailer and meeting the superintendent. If I was to late for this job, I was participating in the next one. . . GET DIRT DISEASE and take action
  4. capnsac

    capnsac LawnSite Senior Member
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    I'm confused? I guess I don't get the heirarchy of construction to lawn mowing. I do not intend this to come off as ridicule or flaming but please explain how talking to the superintendent of construction on that job has anything to do with mowing the grass?

    JIM PALUCH LawnSite Member
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    GREAT QUESTION AND APPRECIATE YOU ASKING. . . . I stopped by talking to a project manager or superintendent because in my mind I was going to be the guy that was going to DESIGN AND INSTALL the landscaping on that CONDO PROJECT or OFFICE BUILDINGS, or even a great ne home. I was selling design/build services and landscape maintentance. Now, apply the concept to the question that started the tread, "How do you find commercial leads or get on bid lists?" The only way I can think of is to stop and meet someone. If it is commercial site and you are wanting the lawn care or maintenance, it would make sense to stop by the project and as one of the responses said earlier, look professional and confident. Even if you are simply talking to the receptionist in the front lobby, it is a start. The better I got at stopping by a job trailer and getting more comfortable talking to a SUPERINTENDENT, the more opportunities I started getting to propose a design for their landscape. . . ONE OTHER GREAT THING SEEMS TO HAPPEN BY BEING OUT AND MEETING PEOPLE. . . I never really got on a bid list, I just made enough friends in the commercial construction business that it was more likely going to be a negotiation rather than lowest bid. . . HOPE THAT CLEARED IT UP and thanks for asking.

    GO GET EM,
  6. capnsac

    capnsac LawnSite Senior Member
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    Thanks for the response Jim, I appreciate it greatly! I have so many ideas running through my head right now, and this seems like another great one that I want to hold on to. I never EVER even DAYDREAMED stopping by a construction site, now that it has been brought right in front of my face I feel silly for not doing so before this. Thanks again

    JIM PALUCH LawnSite Member
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    GLAD TO HELP . . . In business great leads and sales are everywhere . . . we just have to be open to trying new things, knowing some will work and some will fail. In todays market those companies willing to aggressively seek out business are going to have plenty of work captured by those companies not willing to seek it out. . .

    GO GET EM,

  8. Green Pastures

    Green Pastures LawnSite Silver Member
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    Property Management Companies are a good place to hit up HOA's, shopping mall's etc.....

    JIM PALUCH LawnSite Member
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    The places you listed Green Pastures are perfect places to be connecting with. As we start to think about approaching property management firms etc. . . Give some thought to this questions:

    What can I do that will make me incredibly unique and separate my company from the competition?

    As you start to brainstorm that questions, ideas will come to you like.
    - I will send a thank you card after meeting with them. . .
    - I will present a quality pledge that spells out the features and benifts of working with us.
    - I will have my entire team sign a letter that we are looking forward to earning the right to be a resource to this company and will deliver it along with my proposal.
    - I will create a monthly faxtion plan that goes to large commercial projects every month telling them what we did and what we can do . . .

    Those are just some ideas. . . Try it yourself. . . brainstorm what could make you unique, even if it is an off the wall idea that does not make sense. . .

    GO GET EM,
  10. TomberLawn

    TomberLawn LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Mr. Paluch,
    Great advice, and great website! I could tell by reading your posts that you were an energetic, go-getter, and the videos on your website prove that. I'm currently trying to get into the commercial market and appreciate your words of confidence. I actually started today, simply asking a businessman in my church when he was accepting bids for one of his restaurants. I'm still out on Christmas break from college and plan to do some cruising around and asking for the opportunity to bid on some commercial properties. From what I've seen on here, and the little bit of experience I have, all you have to do is ask. Only two things can happen--you'll get the job now, or you'll be in the running next time. There is no defeat, just opportunities to try again. Thanks for encouraging me.

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