How to fix a spoiled company culture?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by GatorGardener, Jun 27, 2014.

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    Strike that - should read objective, not subjective.
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    Key Idea: Safety = Trust = Morale = Profits

    Morale all starts from a standpoint of safety. As social animals we needed someone to guard the cave while we slept so we did not get eaten by a bear.

    You have established yourself not as the leader who protects the group, but you made yourself the bear.

    Please watch this short youtube video and have your mind blown.

    WARNING: You have to be sincere, and trust your people, and be honest with them. If they don't feel safe, your leadership will always be in question and they will never work hard for you because they don't trust you. YOU CAN"T FAKE THIS!

    Video is 12minutes long and can turn your business around. I use this with my leadership development group and they say this is the most helpful video they have ever seen:
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    Good stuff Steiner! Sinek's book "Start With Why" is a great concept as we'll - probably could of been a 5 page white paper, rather then a full book.

    We use a yearly/quarterly strategy sheet that has a "why" area - took us two years to define it. Trying to define your company's purpose - it can't be profit, that's a byproduct of your "why" - is a *****....

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