How to fix clogged spray guns

Pilgrims' Pride

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I have been mixing my own liquid fert for a few years now and somehow no matter what product I use, there is always some filler crap clogging up my chemlawn gun.

I always keep my filters clean.
In fact I doubled up the mesh in the filter to make finer filters.
Still got the crud making the fly away streams.

So, I found a use for my daughters ripped tights.
(Nylons for those of you who dont have kids)
I just cut little squares of the material and screw it on between the gun and the nozzle.
No more clogged nozzles!

Just remember to calibrate with the nylon in place.

Works for me.

Have a great year.


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Dayton, Oh
Pilgrims, that is a great idea!!! I'm doing it tomorrow!


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I've used pantyhose (big/ husky girl size seems tougher) on both the guns and the strainer when faced with junk in my material. It works well and helps to stop "stray streams" from coming out of the nozzle. You may get a few strange looks at the store buying the stuff but it can save a lot of cussing and cleaning. In the end I still had to find the reason for the foreign stuff in my tank and be certain agitation is working correctly. Use a nylon tie to secure the panty hose around the strainer screen and it will stop most of the stuff before it gets to the gun.