How to get a commercial contract ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by shawnster, Mar 7, 2005.

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    I have been in business for three years part time. I have all of my equipment fully payed for ext. my truck. I curently use all derby equipment. I have 1 61" commercial front cut 1 48" midcut ZT 1 32" walk behind also a Simplicity 27hp 4WD tractor w/loader and box blade a 16' enclosed trailer and a 6x10' dump trailer. I have most all the other small equipment and hand tools I think I need. However I have made the decision to quit my full time job and go full time with my business, but up untill now I have only done residential work and I would like to get into the commercial side of the business. Any information anyone could provide me with as to what I need to do to go about getting a commercial contract and what steps and procedures I will need to take would be most appreciated.

    Thank You !

    Shawn @ Family Landscape Company

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    i picked up my first commercial by placing an ad in the yellowpages. once you get that first one it should be a breeze.
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    First and foremost make sure you have all insurance and licensing for your company. I agree with yellow pages but that can get expensive. I call and see if places are accepting bids and if they are set a time and meet with the person and submit your bid. I go lok at it the day before so I can get more familiar with the property and point out different things that may need to be done. Makes you look professional and knowledgable just by being a little prepared without spending too much time away from getting more work.
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    I currently own commercial properties, and have owed them prior to this business. Here is how it works. Leave Flyers? I'll throw them away. Send a post card? I'll throw it away. Call and ask me if I would like an estimate? I'll say no. Cold Call, In PERSON.
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    Hey Thanks a lot for the info. My brother was a foreman for a very large lawncare company years ago, and when I gave him the same question, that is the ansewer he gave me. He told me he always had the best results cold calling in person,but I will have to admitt I had my doubt's when we talked.
    I dont know why, but I will be sure to apologize to him and he has no idea I doubted him. I will be sure to put into effect.

    Thanks A LOT

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    I would suggest knocking on the door. Around here if you want the condos you have to get in with a prop management co. There are a few condos that go out on their own but most use a compnay to take care of all the bids. I usually bring along my laptop with pics of other props we take care of. Also has letters of recomendation to show them.
  7. shawnster

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    That seems to be the order of the day. I really appreciate the help!

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