How to get commercial accounts

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sweetland, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. Hughes Landscaping

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    I saw one of your questions pertained to "how do you find the contact person in the hoa". In Georgia, all you have to do is look on the Secretary of State web site and type in the subdivisions. Most times, if you just type in the subdivision name followed by HOA, it will pull up the officers of the HOA or management company. I have 2 HOA's that we manage and they both were a result of doing this web search. Good Luck
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    +1 Ive asked this. So has everyone else in their 3rd or 4th year. Then theres "how to get customers (period)" Then theres "how do I get 100 customers":rolleyes: The best answer is "try".... vague, but theres no formula. Plus the best advertising techniques wont be given up easily.
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    I pulled up ours in Tennessee and can't find this information. Any ideas of would be great. Thanks
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    This was very helpful thank you! I had to search around on the site but finally I found the right link and there was a list of the Condo associations and everyone's info. Thanks!
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  5. sweetland

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    Anyone else with more info please chime in, all hints or things you have done would be helpful for everyone.
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    There is a group called CAI. Community associations institute. Join that. Its expensive but it puts you in contact with anyone who is anyone in the HOA business. Each area has a chapter.
  7. Hughes Landscaping

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    Once you get the SOSweb page pulled up, do a corporationb name search based on the subdivison name and it should pull right up. Let me know if it doesnt work and I will try to help when I get home. Good Luck
  8. Lawnut101

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    I would be careful doing apartments they are cheap and usually fussy. Retail and factories can be the best to maintain in my book, if you really want commercial work.
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    Join a local property management association group. In central Virginia they have a group that has a huge meeting every year. It cost me @ 50 to join for a year and attend the annual meeting and lunch. I volunteered to belong to the education committee and met lots of people. From that annual meeting, I met two OWNERS of property management companies and have had sales appointments with them. Network, network, network!
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    bottom line when it comes to commercial,condos or rental properties is HOW MUCH ? they shop price i dont care how good you service the account they will always question your bid with a cheaper one. I have a few commercials and there a pain they hold your money for long periods of time and they dont want to pay to have anything done extra unless it is desperately needed. When it comes to snow plowing thats about the only time when commercial accounts are good because they need the service and they will pay for it as long as its the cheapest bid they can get. Very few private commercial properties put extra money into keeping a nice landscape and im not talking about Merck or johnson and johnson because we all know brickmen and USI eat those big commercials up for a cheap price.

    Best thing to do is stick to resi youll make more money and be able upsell your customers and if your name gets around the town youll never have a shortage of work. Commercial comes with size i have found the large landscape outfits have more commercial accounts because they offer a long scope of work in terms of weekly cutting ect. Also the bigger companies have a huge overhead and when winter hits the need that plow account to cover the bills for the winter. just like tree services do work in the winter to cover the insurances

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