how to get commercial jobs?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by bsl, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. bsl

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    hey i just found this site today and love it.I've been on here for hours already trying to learn.I am gonna search some more but wanted to ask how is the best way to get bids on commercial jobs?

    I have been in landscaping for over 10 years but have never done any mowing.With the economy like it is my contractors have not been building so Im thinking of getting into mowing also.didn't want to ask any local people but figure this site is grert because people are spread out and not worried im trying to take thier

    Just trying to find out how to get into it so I can pay the bills.
  2. bohiaa

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    My friend, I'm NOT trying to bash you here, But Trust me, Your NOT ready for commerical accounts yet
  3. bsl

    bsl LawnSite Member
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    hows that?i got plenty of people who want to work for me that have done that before but i just am not sure on how to get the bid .

    Sure there is more to it than I think but if i can handle doing new installs on big jobs i think I can handle doing the mowing and upkeep.

    MUDFLAP LawnSite Member
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    You will study the property, maybe even try to catch their current LCO in operation, and watch them. Take good notes, find 4 or 5 things they are doing poorly, even if they are minor. Go in armed with that info, point out the current LCOs shortfalls, and ask them when their contract expires, call them back 45 days before that date, and remind them of your visit, and that their lawn service contract is about up ( if they are busy,they prop dont even realize its about up, and will appreciate the reminder) And just ask them, hey, what are you paying these clowns,i know i can do a better job, its just a matter of, can i beat their price. Thats how its done, works a very high percentage of the time. But dont be surprised if somebody does the same thing to you the following year. Commercial accts are dog eat dog, thats why i prefer residential, they wont jump ship for 5 bucks if you are doing a good job. And if you dont have reliable equipment to push their snow in the winter, forget about it, they dont have the time or desire to break that out, and find somebody else to do it.
  5. bsl

    bsl LawnSite Member
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    good advice mudflap.I will keep it in mind.
  6. bohiaa

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    do you have a irrigation license?
    are you insured to the commerical standerds ?
    do you have a spray Licenses ?
    do you have a contract ready ?
    do you have back up equipment and a back up truck ?
    do you have back up employees ?
    do you have business contaics ?

    I garentee you, if a client wants color change, I can out bid you !

    how you ask? I purchase in bulk and at wholesale.
    want color change 7 time a year.....
    how much will it cost me to have color change 7 times per year ?
    I want 1200 panzies, how much will it cost ?
    We need them by this weekend .....

    NOw are we ready ?
  7. bsl

    bsl LawnSite Member
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    Yes to your questions.Like I said ive been landscaping for years but thanks for the heads up.I'm sure there are a few things I am not thinking of but Im learning.

    MUDFLAP LawnSite Member
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    Your ok, its not that complicated, not much irrigation work where your at, you will need to provide proof of insurance,etc, but sounds like you got that covered. You wont be spraying anything (xcept some weed killer here and there) you can sub out fertilization, most LCOs dont have the equipment to do that on a commercial scale. And u dont need to have a stockpile of backup equipment sitting around as long as you can rent what u need for a short period of time, until yours is back on line, and most implement dealers have some sort of loaner program, Dont know about the 7 colors, and a thousand panzies stuff. i can barely get my commercials to pay for fresh mulch every other year . LOL
  9. bohiaa

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    Ok, Like I said I'm NOT trying to bash you, GREAT to hear that everythign is lined up.

    Do you need an outline, " checklist-contract " if so IM me with your email address I will send you a GREAT one. of corse mine is for down here in TEXAS. I'm sure in your area there may be a few more items.

    But this will help you NOT to forget anything and have surprises, alone the way...

    Best of luck
  10. Martinson9

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    I hope you have a spell checker before you send out your proposals.

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