How to get commerical accounts

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by TJ's Lawn Care LLC, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. TJ's Lawn Care LLC

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    I would like to expand my business by getting some commerical accounts, but I do not know how to get commerical accounts. How do I get put on a bid list and what is the best way to bid them.
  2. Looking Good Lawn Service

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    in my area, you can inquire with different condo associations or communities when they are taking bids, usually they are in the paper. Then, depending on the job needed you may price. If possible, talk to some of the residents, they usually know what it costs more of less, they pay for it. on there is a forum that helps you bid properties. Some commercial properties if you network with the right people just give you the work if they know your good work, no bidding process. My opinion, just ask, it doesnt hurt, the worst they can say is they dont need an LCO at this moment. GOod Luck
  3. DuraCutter

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    I may be oversimplifying this, but if you have to ask how to get "commercial" accounts, you may not be ready to do them.

    It takes deep pockets, lots of machines, a great deal of experience.
    Do a search and all your questions may already be answered in previous posts.

    Good luck!

  4. LB1234

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    I wouldn't say that. I believe a lot to do with it is the old saying "its not what you know its who you know"

    I would say networking is the #1 way getting commercial accouts.
  5. GreenSouth Landscapes

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    I like this question, because i had to do it myself. My brother started our company 10 years ago. NO COMMERCIAL. I went to work for him early last year. The only way to really get in there and get the accounts is to be persistant. Lets say you have some local restaurants you want to bid on. The first thing to do would be to find out the General managers name and if he is in. Obviously don't ask to speak with him/her if they are busy. Simply wait untill they are slow and then approach them. Things not to do are definetly do not criticize the work that is already being done there, secondly just simply ask "When will you be accepting bids for Landscaping"? The answer is almost always, "You can submit it now if you like". The key is, BE PROFESSIONAL. Cut your hair, shave, and dress nicely, either in uniform or a nice polo shirt and khaki pants. Image is everything. If you present yourself as a professional then they will know that you are a professional. Things that really helped us this past year was getting uniforms. My uniform service only costs me $8 per person per week, the pick up and clean and press them for you. They are always sharp. The other thing was to get a Landscape Truck. Obviously if you are just starting out, then most likely you can't afford a really nice Commercial vehicle. Thats ok, get a nice pickup and a nice enclosed trailer with nice proffessional graphics on it. And always always when giving a bid, give them the day of week you will be coming to the property and stick with that day.

    hope that helps, if you have any questions, just pm me. I have some really helpful information especially just getting into commercial in the last year. I have really grown our business and there is not one company in our area who has not heard of GreenSouth Landscapes. Our name is out there.
  6. Stillwater

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    what are your reasons for wanting commerical accounts?
  7. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    What I did was contact a Prop. Mgr who leases in two apt complexes in my hometown (wanted to bid on those two since so close to home). Upon contacting the Prop. Mgr - he asked "Say, do you want to bid out some properties in xxxx, I can mail you a list of properties if you'd like." I was mailed the list of properties and out of the 60 or so cherry picked 5-6 more that would be good fits for the type of business I want to do. So....look at the signs on some of these apt. complexes, get a ph # for the leasing agent, and CALL.
  8. Stillwater

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    Why is TJ not answering my question?
  9. DuraCutter

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    Maybe the commerical accounts already got to him.

    Sometimes it's better to start by walking before you run.

    Topsites is a good source of info on this subject. TJ should pm him.

  10. TJ's Lawn Care LLC

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    I like to expand to commerical so I can try to get full year service contracts. Snow Removal in the winter and lawn related items during the other months. I have been told that there is more opportunities by going commerical.

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