How to get emloyees to have pride in their work

Discussion in 'Employment' started by ctland08, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. ctland08

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    Pay wise the lowest is $11 (1) which he is very green, the other 4 are $15-$18. I'll take a look at that post Thank you guys
  2. Dr. Cornwallis

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    Things like this are why I'm going to stay solo. I believe that the truth is, the guy you're paying fifteen bucks an hour probably isn't going to care about you're company a tenth as much as you are. Also, as was pointed out earlier, a lot of it has to do with the type of work environment you're creating. At my full time job, my employer creates a very poor working environment and it reflects in all of the employees. The overwhelming majority of the employees wouldn't piss on the building if it was on fire. Everyone talks all day long about how much they hate working there and can't wait to move on and find something better. Said company has a MASSIVE turnover rate. The average employee last around four to six months before leaving.

    Little things go a long way. One thing that really bothers me is nitpicking... some things aren't worth bringing up.
  3. ctland08

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    I don't believe the work environment is bad. I am not on them every day. When I get the phone call with a complaint I relay the message. At the end of every day, all of us just shoot the breeze about what ever (not work related). When they leave I say thank you every day. I have worked for bosses that were complete a-holes. I do not want to be one of those.
  4. ColliCut Land Mgmt

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    What are some of their concerns, and what have you done to address them?
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  5. Jcl4slc

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    You should take them to lunch on your business one day and talk and motivate them. A 6.00 buffet lunch goes along way
  6. 94gt331

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    I have had some good crews and bad grews over the last 10 years. Having a grumpy crew is the worse to have as a owner and especially a nice owner that works with them. Things I learned along the wayto help keep my crew happy are:
    Job boards- let everyone know in black and white what jobs and tasks are going To be each week. Guys love to know whats going on and what to expect, when a crew knows what is going on they can get prepared mentally before each task, and also this is a good tool to use even for your productive guys it will help them be more productive.

    Get your team involved- I like to let my team members get involved during projects, and like for them to share there ideas with myself and there fellow workers, and I even get some team members involved in job planning sometimes, crew members are smart also, and it's good to get them involved and they like the challenge most of the time.

    Showing appreciation and treating the crew like they are human beings rather than just a number.

    Incentives and bonus's- reward them when they do a good job or if they make you some extra extra money.

    Out of each crew there's usually that one guy that is the debbie downer type that keeps the negative around all the time, and that is usually the worse and will destroy the whole crew and also your positon with your team, I been here before that, needs to be taken care of asap if thats going on.

    Maybe a company picnic or activity every now and then to keep the crew entertained and to have alittle fun together. Next week we are working a half day and having a picnic and doing some fishing, the guys are looking forward to that.
    I have a crew of 4 full time guys and 2 part time guys and myself this year, so I'm not the best for having the best advice, but this issue is something I've been maturing over the last 2 years as a owner because having good people is what it takes when you have employees, if you don't have good people with you you mighT as well stay solo to avoid the grief.
  7. Charles

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    There are just some people who take pride in everything they do and some that don't. The only way to deal with those that don't, is the knowledge that they are replaceable. Looks like you are treating and paying them well, so that is not the problem. You just have to make an example of a slacker and fire him. The rest will think--he means business so we better do a good job or we are next on the firing line. Like I said, it looks like you are doing everything else correctly.
    The problem is finding a decent replacement in an improving economy( in many areas of the country). If I didn't own the business, lawn care would be close to last on the list of career choices. Right above alligator wrestlers in the circus:laugh:
  8. mrmeaner

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    Saw this on a bumper sticker one day "The beatings will continue until company moral returns".
  9. southerntide

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    Yeah same here I can't be dealing with a line of lazy people slacking on work I'd rather go all day till dark by myself to ensure quality work. Being a former welder/fabricator 7 days a week 9 months out of year work is normal for me, and this work is hard yes but no reason not to treat every customers yard like it's your only customer and make it look great every time. We know every customer personally and have excellent relations with them.

    There is always people looking for work a large pool I have people calling me all day asking for jobs but it is a family business, my father being 71 this year diabetic and heart issues, may be stepping down soon I want him to enjoy life not work but he always worked his whole life hard 6 days a week so that is hard to break.

    If he does I will bring my girlfriend on she knows quite a bit about landscaping, we don't do that drama crap it is a waste of life and time, to much finer things in life to enjoy. All these people say they do this to get away from wife feel sorry for them they don't respect each other more why would marry someone to only want to get away from them all the time, no wonder SHE is unhappy guys :hammerhead:

    I often reach a point in the season where I am tired just beat up, but you have to keep your head down a push on NO PAIN NO GAIN.
  10. Mark Oomkes

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    Some people will never "get" it. The whole pay thing bothers me, because some people could be paid $50\hour and they just don't understand the concept of the customer is the one making their paycheck possible.

    Others do "get" it. And sometimes you have to go through a busload or two of employees before you find them.

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