how to get folks to sign up?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grassmasterswilson, Feb 6, 2008.

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    I have been doing this for five years. Most of my accounts are mow only but when it is time to fertilizer/spray/etc I send out a notice and they reply. They usually reply much later than I need them too. I have tried two or three times to at least give them an estimate on monthly fert/spray and add it to their current bill. It is almost a waste of time to keep sending out 50 notices to the same people who never reply. But When their yard is slow then they want fert. You guys know what I'm talking about.

    How did you get/sell your customers on adding the service? I have tried to tell them that then they won't have to worry about anything I will do it all but doesn't seem to matter?
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    I don't know you from Adam Wilson, so I'm just throwing possibilities out there. Maybe one of these possibilities will sail right over the plate. You'd be the best judge of that.

    While a lot of people could care less what kind of image the person they hire to mow their lawn has, people seem to be much more discerning about who they'll hire to provide them with an application program and for good reason. In their minds, anyone can mow grass. A lot of people see mowing as a totally unskilled trade. That's what gave birth to the "Lawn Boy" mentality many people have about guys that mow lawns.

    If you're interested in doing well at the applications side of this industry, I think you'll have a much easier time increasing the size of your customer base if you project a clean, professional image. Most people that I know of wouldn't trust some guy who they saw smoking a cigarette, with his shirt off and wearing torn up jeans. That projects an unprofessional image. That individual could be the most knowledgeable person you'll ever meet when it comes to agronomy. If the customer can't get past the image that guy projects though, more times than not they won't give him a chance.

    A lot of these people have children and pets that play on their lawns and if they don't have confidence in how much you know about what you're doing, they usually won't trust you to apply products on their lawns that can be dangerous if over, or misapplied.

    You could be clean-cut as they come. I really don't know, but if you don't project a good, clean image, that's where I'd start. Are you licensed? If you are, you can use that as a selling point. If you're not, that's going to definitely cause you a lot of problems.

    I pick up a lot of customers just by talking to them. I like to walk their lawns with them and let them see that I know what the heck I'm talking about. That has really worked wonders on increasing the size of my customer base. If you don't know much about the app side of the business, I'd start learning as much as I could if you want to do well at it.
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    I have found using a guy helps! :laugh:
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    Creecher<<<:hammerhead: :laugh:
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    What does this mean, or refer to ????????????????????
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    It was supposed to say "gun"!

    Thats what I get for trying to be funny! :hammerhead:
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    I was starting to wonder myself.....creecher!:laugh:
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    My fingers slip sometimes too.

    As too the origional poster.... When I first talk to a new customer about maintaining their lawn, I also discuss mulch, fall aeration overseeding, fertilizer, and weed control applications. My written proposal spells it all out w/ prices and time of application. I wouldn't think of talking to them so often. If they want to talk about it each time...It would have to cost much more.
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    I didn't catch my mistake until Dually fount it!

    Looking at it now...I can see where you are going. :laugh:

    That is funny how one word changes a sentence!
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    I am an LCO, but I dumped all my accounts that would not sign up for full service. That left me with a paltry 8 accounts. But, given that some of the 30accounts I had last year were "I'll call you when I need you" types, I looked closer at my numbers. With full service apps, and mowing, I will make more net profit on just those 8 accounts than I did last year. Less time, more profit. That drove an entire rewrite of my business plan.

    Now, I only take on full service accounts. I'd rather pick up one of those over 4 mow and blows. You don't want full service, find another guy. Or is that gun?

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