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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mow"N"Bud, Feb 25, 2007.

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    I wanted to relay how I get some things done, and ask your opinions. I have a 1989 Cub Cadet 1711 super Garden Tractor with a hydraulic Cat "0" 3 pt hitch. The old Cub is in great shape, and I put chevron tires on in to get extra traction. I'm not even going to mention how many hours it has, because no one will believe it. I use this old war horse as a back up mower if I absolutely need it, but it's main purpose to to drag around a 48" Yard Buddy Aerator, but recently (for a very, very, good price ($200.00) ) I purchased a single point plow, disk, cultivator, and harrow rake. All of these are really old, but were garage kept. The attachments even came with the original owners manuals, dated 1974. They were made for old Sears garden tractors, and hook right up to the Cub. My question is because of the 1711's small size it fits thru 36" gates. I have done a few small vegetables gardens with it, but do any of you have or do small gardens, and what are you charging? The largest has been about 50X20 in size. Also I mow a church lawn which has a soft/baseball field which I drag the infield with a home made drag, but the harrow rake really does a good job, then drag with my drag. I'm thrilled with my new toys, and look forward to your opinions.
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    I till about 20 gardens a year. do them in 2 days. I rent a 13hp barreto tiller that is a monster. I get about 2-4 per swath up to 40 feet. so figure it is 20 x50 you are looking at getting 40-80. this pends on the person and access. Not much money in tilling gardens but it fills a void in the early season before major green up. this depends on your area and how many people really have gardens.
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    That's about what I'm charging. Thanks for the quick reply.

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