How to get more Commercial Accounts on board.


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I am a new member and so far i am enjoying this site a great deal. I started my business 3 yrs ago and only taking on commercial accounts no residential. Business is fantastic, but i would like to hear some feedback of how others get their commercial accounts. I have a good size add in the yellow pages and that does a real nice job, but i would like to figure out a way to give more bids then just what calls on the phone. I have tried cold calling on some of these accounts and that does not seem to work to good for me. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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It sound like your doing everything the right way. I have around %75 commercial account and wished I had started geting them right away instead of the residential. I do cold calling and also get refferals. I don't have an ad in the phone book. I also look for new construction-someones going to have to cut the lawn! It does take time. Just be patient.