How to get new equipment???????

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    I Just got started this year and have bad personal Credit and would like to know how the best way to get equipment with out paying cash up front ....I know about haveing a duns number for business credit and I'm going to get that soon. But will dealers front me equip to buy ???????

    I want some Nice commercial mowers Help!!!!!!
  2. leaflandscape

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    We started with all used stuff, fixed it up nice, and bought the new stuff as we went. Right now we've got a 1975 Bobcat that we plan to replace, probably in two years. We just keep the bugger running and looking good. If you get into new stuff and can't afford it you're screwed.

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    Yeah i know that I just want like a good walk behind I have the jobs but it takes me to long with reg mowers
  4. Ramairfreak98ss

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    well bud, i had shoddy credit up front too, i started this business when i had the least amount of money in my life actually, started small and grow big fast..

    I was lucky for commercial stuff though. My mother has an account for Ferris/Simplicity and a handful of other Briggs brands and i pick stuff up when "theY' want me to buy it on 0% offers.. not when i want or need it.. it works

    Ive had snow throwers, walk behinds, tractors and both zero turn ferris mowers on it, most times i pay them off much sooner but its nice to swipe the card at 0% or 24 or 36mo a nd off i ride on a new 8k mower or whatever :) Have any fa mily members with some descent credit? My moms wasnt perfect and i have a pretty high limit on it.
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    Buy used. If all you are after is a quality mower, there is nothing wrong with buying used. If you're handy with a wrench you could buy "well used". If not, buy the nicest used unit you can find/ afford. Brand new equipment looks nice on a trailer, but it's no more effecient than lightly used equipment. I've found "used" Z's with only 150hrs on it for nearly $3000 less than new. It's a no-brainer when starting out.
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    This is good advice from green horizons good used equipment makes more money than new avoid debt
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    If you can't handle your personal finances... makes me wonder how you will run a successful business. Buy used trucks, equipment, etc and keep money in the bank.
  8. Ramairfreak98ss

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    Who says he cant handle his own finances? Hes starting out and asked a simple question about an easier way to obtain commercial grade equipment than to walk into say a JD dealer with 9k cash in hand and out he goes with a mid sized ztr... why jump on his back?

    Around here, i see tons of guys buy used utter crap.. I for one am always for used, i buy lots of used cars and keep them for a long time. I can fix most things myself as well. Aside from this, ive bought ALL of my equipment brand spanking new... why? Because a ztr for 7k with 0 beatup hours is worth 7k.... The same machine with just 250hrs on it looks like a$$ to begin with or was severely beaten on.. Trust me, in central jersey, i see what these other LCOs do to the equipment, run over curbs, turn on/off full throttle, poor maintenance, never blows them off and has tons of grass build up, never washed, never greased etc.. I wouldnt offer $2k for a machine that was 7k new that came from one of these places, never.

    Ive done just fine starting out with all new equipment, and its still very new looking, low hours and will last me tons of years. If its a decision of finance for anything higher than a few %, buy it used... or like me, buy when THEY want to sell you the machines, nothing beats new equipment from Ferris, Simplicity, Exmark or JD for 0% for 2-3 yrs.... I almost bought another tractor this past July from JD because of 0% for 36mo on a 40k machine.. i just couldnt get over the $1,111 monthly payment for 3yrs if nothing was put down... Maybe next year, either way the deals are out there. Dont buy in the spring or mid summer. Buy stuff at the end of season or find out from local dealers when guys trade in equipment at the end... Most Deere dealers have plenty of used stuff for better prices and theyll only take well taken care of stuff back on trades.
  9. Lawnworks

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    Great advice from a guy who uses his mom's credit! :hammerhead:
  10. paponte

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    Double DOH!!!! :hammerhead:

    What I have learned from being in business is if you can't afford it... don't buy it. A smooth business has equipment that works for the company. Once you start working for your equipment, it's just not fun anymore. Nothing like having equipment sit during slow periods that you are making payments on. If you NEED a piece of equipment, buy what you can afford and make it work. Sure it's nice having new shiny stuff, but it helps build character and makes you feel good when you can afford what you want.

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