How to get ORGANIZED????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Barkleymut, Dec 7, 2003.

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    It seems no matter how hard I try I just cannot get organized. It costs me time digging through boxes and crates to find an oil filter wrench, or a new tube of grease. I have tons and tons of bolts, tires, hammers, pvc, fertilizer, 2x4's, oil, belts, slime, tire patch kits, blades, utility knives, sharpie markers, chainsaw chains, drill bits, trash bags, superglue, fuses, tire irons, mower parts, I think you get the picture. The problem is I have a 24' enclosed trailer, a 10x30 storage unit, and a 2 car garage, and an extended cab truck. Any one of the aforementioned parts could be needed at any time and I obviously cannot carry all of them with me in the truck and trailer. So, what do I do? I'm thinking of constructing a nice workbench/storage center in the front of my trailer but I don't want to be lugging around an extra 750lbs every day.
    I actually made a dent in the mess in my garage today. I have a big workbench and now I can actually see the wood on the workbench. I'm pretty sure a shrink would say I'm a junkaholic. I also bought some neat little parts bins that hang on the wall. Got a bunch of nuts bolts and other small parts organized and out of the way. It just seems like at the end of a long day the last thing I want to do is put away 3 tools that I used that day. Well over a couple of months those tools get scattered all over the place. They could be in the back seat of my truck or the corner of my storage unit. And when I really need them they are no where to be found. Any sympathy or even better, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Andy

    PS - Anyone know where I put my electric impact wrench??
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    I understand you dont want to carry around 750lbs of extra supplies but what I would consider if I was you is the time it would save you by having it on the job site and the time that you wont loose searching for things cause its all right there. Just my 2 cents. Good luck
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    First let me start by saying I know your pain. I started by buying a BIG tool box. Kept the small one too. Find someone who is remodling their kitchen. Offer to help do demolition and volunteer to haul off the old cabinets.

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    I also picked up one of these at a state sale. It's an old computer card storage cabinet. Would like to get one more. I found plastic bins that fit inside for bolts, screws, pipe fittings, etc.

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    You can't organize just once it is a constant fight. I am not too proud of my shop right now but I know it's a heck of a lot better than this time last year.

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    I don't carry that much on my rig. A soft sided tool bag with hand tools, grease gun, scrapers oil crescent wrenches, nut drivers. But what I do have is duplicates. I don't try to swap back and forth. I am planning on adding storage to trailer this winter. Here is a pic of some of my second/third hand cabinets.

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    Putting tools (and other items) back where they go is to be done immediatley after use -- not "that night after I'm done working."

    It is nothing but a habit ... do it religiously. Once you develop the habit you'll love yourself for it. Just pretend your dad or favorite uncle is there when you're using tools. What would he say? Why would he say it? ... just to torture you??
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    He would say "you cant use my garage." The rest goes without explaination
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    I threatened to kill anyone who didnt put tools away right after they were done with them. Used to be, its just a screwdriver, we use this one alot, used a wrench. Then we spent 1/2 hour looking for a 10mm wrench. Had to go buy one. I now have the top part of a rolling tool box mounted on the front of the trailer. One drawer is for big and rarely used tools, one is for regular tools we may need at some point, and the top shelf of it is for supplies, like a spare pull cord, spark plugs, filters, chains, ect.
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    Dam I don't remember writing this thread:D I must of stopped looking for my torch head and ran in to write this, I know I had to have wrote this becoase its me:laugh:

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